Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper by Dave Bjerke/NBC Photo Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper by Dave Bjerke/NBC Photo

Are Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels raving about the decision to let viewers vote this week on who The Biggest Loser's third finalist should be? Fat chance. Michaels, for one, is "disappointed' with the change in format. " Biggest Loser is not a popularity contest. It's so much more than that," she said in a Friday conference call. "I don't get it, personally."

Like Michaels, Harper fears that fans don't have enough information to adequately weigh in on so pivotal a decision, since fans have not seen firsthand as much of each player's progress as they have. "It's really a tricky thing," says Harper. "[The viewers] get all they've seen on the show, but it's still much more than that."

To that end, exec producer Mark Koops says this week's episode will recap each player's journey and afford each a chance to appeal to the audience. "It's incredibly powerful," he says. "I personally think it's going to be well received."

What's your take? Is this an instance where reality viewers should be subtracted from the equation and not have a vote? - MWM

" Viewers to Weigh In on The Biggest Loser