Returns: Thursday, April 3, at 10 pm (CBS) Number of new episodes: 6

Where we left off: Sam (Poppy Montgomery) told one-night stand Brian (Adam Kaufman, the real-life father of Montgomery's son, Jackson) that she was preg­nant. Jack (Anthony LaPaglia) showed compassion toward an escaped antiwar protester. What's next: Because of the strike, "we're using what we're calling a six-episode miniseries to jump-start our stories and acceler­ate our conclusions," executive producer Jan Nash says. Back with a bullet: Jack, who's already having a really bad year, catches a life-threatening bullet on April 3, the first new episode. "In the poststrike world," Nash says, "you gotta lead with your strongest suit." Human traffic stop: While Vivian (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) moves closer to tracking down sex-trafficking ringleader Franklin Ro­mar (Henry Thomas), Jack decides to take the case into his own hands. He goes after Romar's underling, the kidnapper of the young girl he had rescued from the ring. Mama Sam: As the birth of her baby approaches, Sam tries to make a go of it with Brian. That's not good news for Jack, her former- and perhaps future- beau, who's reassessing his life. Teases Montgomery: "Something happens that connects her and Jack again very strongly."