T.R. Knight opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about his love life and BFF

Katherine Heigl during his appearance on her talk show today. The Grey's Anatomy star turned to the daytime host last year after he felt forced to come out following a scuffle on the set involving Isaiah Washington. "I feel I've learned so much this past year, so yeah, that changes you," Knight tells DeGeneres. "But as far as the dating, recently Kate and her fiancé Josh Kelly and me and her mom went out to dinner, and it was reported that it was with me and my new boyfriend. I guess I'm dating Katherine's mom right now." And what does he think of Hollywood actors who do not come out? "Everyone has their own path," he said. "You just have to respect that I don't think it's right to force that. It's impossible to know. There is a lot of soul-searching you have to do." Although he's not in a relationship now, he does have a new companion in his life - a dog named Arrow. Heigl gave him the pet for his birthday. "I had been talking about it for a while," Knight says. "I guess there's a point: too much talk and not enough action. So she made the decision. It was great, yeah, she showed up at my house with it."