So I would totally watch that Mayan ball game if it was on as a competitive sport. Heck, it would beat Extreme Dodgeball, though the post-game human sacrifices could get a little messy, so maybe just a week of doing the winner's bidding or something would be enough of a punishment for the losers. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who besides these millionaire wannabes would be willing to play this tough game in sweltering 114-degree conditions thanks, Jeff, for the slightly sadistic heat-index updates. Both teams gave it their all in the immunity challenge, but Yaxha was probably right to send Brianna home. She just isn't sporty spice... she's more like posh, which has worked for many a pretty girl before, but in this aggressive "win at all costs" tribe, it is a big liability. Jamie's comment that he likes women who are "crazy and pretty, and she's neither" was kinda amusing. And if Yaxha has to eliminate another player, Lydia's lucky streak is sure to run out they are rapidly running out of weaker people to axe, and even with her battered ankle Amy seems tougher than ever and unwilling to go home without a fight. Meanwhile, on the winning Nakum tribe, where my new favorite contestant Cindy is living, they are all irritated that they're alarm clock is a troop of howler monkeys. Cindy the zoologist seems totally in her element and is smart enough to know where crocodiles hang out and doesn't risk having one of the hungry crocs nibble or chomp on her toes by getting in the water to beat the heat. I think Judd, who said the howler's cry was the "most annoyingist noise I've ever heard," has it out for Cindy though, so I hope she studied enough animal behavior to know that this predator is after her. AC

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