Tori Spelling by Jim Spellman/ Tori Spelling by Jim Spellman/
Tori Spelling might be waist-deep into her own motherhood, but she's still hurling some nastiness her mom's way. In her new memoir, Stori Telling, Spelling claims that her mom's relationship with a male family friend led to an untimely death for her ill father, producer

Aaron Spelling. According to the New York Daily News, Spelling, who is estranged from her mom, Candy, says, "I don't think my father had to die so soon. [Candy's] relationship with Mark was disturbing, and I thought it had taken a toll on my father when his health was in jeopardy." Spelling attacks her mother's approach not only to marriage but to motherhood, as well: "I wrote an e-mail [to Candy] saying... you should never have been the wife to a man so generous and loving," Spelling writes. "You never deserved him. You never deserved to have children like me and Randy. The greatest lesson you taught me is how not to be a mother and a wife." Harsh words, especially after all these years. Do you think Tori's public rant is her right? Or should she pipe down and let it go already? - Anna Dimond
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