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Our top moments of the week:

10. Worst Coping Mechanism: On Switched at Birth, John tries to cheer up Daphne and Bay by planning an impromptu trip to Chicago, where Daphne meets a student who invites her to a pre-med mixer. Before they go, she asks if they can get any marijuana. The pothead next door doesn't have any more bud, but he does have cocaine — which the normally straight-laced and responsible Daphne takes after only a moment's hesitation! Um, we know Daphne is an overachiever and all, but did she have to graduate from the occasional sip of someone's drink to illegal drugs in just one episode?

9. Worst Trip Down Memory Lane: Rachel McAdams' audition tape for The Notebook was posted online last month to mark the film's 10th anniversary. She had never seen it, so leave it to Matt Lauer to trot it out during her Today show appearance. While the video rolls, McAdams covers her face and adorably squirms in embarrassment. "Why are you cringing?" Lauer says. "You got the part!" Uh, yeah, but maybe nobody wants to watch a decade-plus old tape of themselves auditioning for a job with an ex-boyfriend!

8. Best Bromance: Move over, Zrankie. Big Brother has a new bromance brewing:  Frody. After bonding over Zac Efron on Sunday's episode, Frankie and Cody take their friendship to the next level on Wednesday when the latter gets stuck with the "penalty kick" punishment. Every time Cody hears a whistle, he's forced to kick himself in the butt 10 times, resulting in the poor HOH having a very sore derriere. Thankfully, Frankie selflessly volunteers to massage Cody's bum, an act that makes him so happy he literally falls over with glee.

7. Worst Meltdown: After Tamra and Heather attempt to call an ambulance over Shannon's "psychotic break" on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra steals the spotlight back with a breakdown of her own. Before Ryan moves away to be with a mother-of-three he met on Instagram, Tamra insists that the couple come over for dinner. When she discovers Ryan and the woman, who is basically a young Tamra with a gun, have already begun planning their wedding, Tamra has a full-blown meltdown that is Scary Island-levels of uncomfortable.

6. Worst Deal: Suits unleashes a bunch of twists we saw coming — Rachel kisses Logan! Harvey chooses Mike over Logan! Sidwell fires Mike! — but there is one we definitely did not foresee. Hoping to stick it to Harvey for chewing out him yet again, Louis buys out Forstman's shares in the Gillis takeover. He's in disbelief when Harvey is not mad and finally gives Louis the respect and kudos he's been craving. That makes it worth it, Louis tells Katrina, because there's one major detail he didn't reveal to Harvey: He is illegally funneling the money to Forstman through the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes. Guess Louis is the one who's gonna get Litt up next.

5. Best Fight: Fearing that Auggie's feelings toward his hacker ex-girlfriend Natasha would compromise the mission on Covert Affairs, Annie sneaks in while they're sleeping to steal the coding key Tash had made but hadn't yet given them. Needless to say, she's pissed and so is Auggie, who drunkenly gives Annie an earful afterwards. "I always choose you over the mission. Always," he barks, referencing his concealment of her heart condition. "But you, you choose the mission. ... But the truth is, turning your back on your emotions doesn't make you a better spy. It's just cutting you off from anyone close to you." Yikes!

4. Worst TMI: The Bachelorette "Men Tell All" is always full of surprises, but nothing tops this season's opening segment. After introducing former Bachelorette couple JP and Ashley, who are now married and expecting, host Chris Harrison announces they'll be doing a live ultrasound. Before the audience can do a double take, a doctor rolls out a machine, Ashley unzips her dress, and the technician proceeds to squeeze gel on her belly. After a brief gag with Harrison as the fetus, Ashley and JP hear the heartbeat of their baby boy. That's sweet, but what's next, guys? A live broadcast of the birth? (Who are we kidding? It totally is.)

3. Best/Worst Climax: On Masters of Sex, Virginia is more than happy to bring "Ulysses" to the office of Dr. Ditmer, a gastroenterologist who claims he's interested in learning how a similar device could be used for esophageal examinations. But as Virginia is straightforwardly explaining the technology behind the transparent dildo camera, Ditmer is clearly not getting educated — but getting off. The ick-tastic scene is made all the better, though, thanks to some genius juxtaposition with Bill's new boss Doug Greathouse talking about sex that ends with him having a (post-coital) smoke. We're guessing it was good for Ditmer too.

2. Best Dance: In case you need confirmation that Robin Wright is not anything like Claire Underwood, the House of Cards star sheds her alter ego's icy exterior and then some to play "Turn and Face the Music" on The Tonight Show. The game is totally bizarre — she and Jimmy do dramatic line readings and then dance to a random tune — but the erstwhile Princess Buttercup has all the Wright moves (sorry, not sorry). Seriously, the woman can work it. Turn down for what? Robin Wright!

1. Best Leg Up: It's the leg-endary moment we've been waiting for. The ladies finally confront Aviva Drescher about her fakeness and faux illnesses on the Real Housewives of New York City season finale, and they definitely don't tip-toe around the issue. After sticking her foot in her mouth about her doctor "forging" her lung X-rays, Aviva, realizing she didn't have a leg to stand on, digs her heels in, yanks off her prosthetic leg and tosses it on the table. "The only thing that's artificial or fake about me is this! Everything else is real!" she yells, before lobbing the fake limb at Heather across the room. Is it a knee-jerk reaction? Yes, but hey, she couldn't walk away from the situation. We just hope there's no damage to the prosthetic. That could cost an arm and a leg.

What were your top moments?


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