Geoffrey Arend, Christina Hendricks, Curtis Stone Geoffrey Arend, Christina Hendricks, Curtis Stone

Do creepy crawlers make delicious dishes?

Sometimes they do and other times, not so much, as Curtis Stone found out the hard way on Top Chef Masters.

New critics, new host, new format: Producers dish on spicing up Season 3 of Top Chef Masters

"We had them try to create a culinary masterpiece with crickets and beetles and nightcrawlers and worms. The results of that were very interesting," he tells "I'm the only one ... who had to eat them ... so for me it was a little bit challenging. Some dishes, I actually could see the skill in the chef and see how they incorporated it, and others were just gross."Check out Stone's interview below to find out what else to expect from the revamped Season 3 of Masters and if he would ever compete on Top Chef himself.

TOP CHEF MASTERS' Curtis Stone dishes on bug challenge

Top Chef Masters' host Curtis Stone talks about the differences between Top Chef and Top Chef Masters, and talks a bit about an upcoming insect challenge.|Top Chef Masters|Curtis Stone|