Kym Johnson and Warren Sapp, Dancing with the Stars Kym Johnson and Warren Sapp, Dancing with the Stars

Dancing With the Stars
9 pm/ET ABC
Last week proved that as tough as soap diva Erica Kane is, she ultimately met her match on the ballroom floor. Tonight someone else will have to accept defeat (with any luck, as gracefully as Susan Lucci did) when this contest downsizes from five to four contestants. No doubt last night's solo spotlights will influence who is sent packing. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
10 pm/ET NBC
Echoes of recent headlines about teenagers making pregnancy pacts play a part in tonight's episode. Stabler and Munch go to a high school to investigate a student's death, but things get more complicated when a student escort (teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney) introduces them to a chastity club at the school and then another student tells them about a group of girls involved in a pregnancy pact. — Jennifer Sankowski

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9:01 pm/ET FOX
With the baseball and election seasons over, a new episode of Fringe will air for the first time since Oct. 21. And while we're waiting to learn more about — and possibly meet — Olivia's evil stepfather, there's the matter of a strange parasite found inside an ailing FBI agent to consider. So while Olivia goes to Germany to question a prisoner who may have vital information, Peter becomes his father's latest guinea pig when they try to read a dead man's brain waves. — Joe Friedrich

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8 pm/ET CW
Annie has had plenty of attention from the boys since moving to Beverly Hills, but now she'll learn that her flirtatious friendship with Naomi's ex, Ethan, has consequences when Naomi brings yet another guy into Annie's life. That would be Harry's son who was given up for adoption years ago. Being brought to town on the whim of a jealous ex surely isn't the best way to meet one's family, especially when it means crashing your sister's birthday party and making her sweet-16 anything but. — Rhoda Charles

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8 pm/ET CBS
Throughout the series, no matter who has aided investigations or what technology or techniques have been used to solve cases, Gibbs has always relied on his gut to tell him what's what. But when the team probes a bank robbery that ends with a murder, a rookie is assigned to help in the investigation, making Gibbs doubt his own judgment. — Bill Ecklund

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