Life Unexpected Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected
8/7c CW
The CW has not officially canceled this show, but they didn't pick up a full season of episodes for Season 2, so things don't look good for the show's fans. In this two-hour season finale, it's somewhat fitting that characters find unexpected things happening. Baze makes big plans for a future with Emma, unaware of the past she shares with his father. Then Lux arranges to enjoy a romantic meal with Eric, but is shocked when her parents arrive to throw a wrench in those plans. — Jennifer Sankowski

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Biggest Loser: Couples 8/7c NBC After a few weeks of mystery, the identities of the unknown trainers are finally revealed, and the pair explains what led them to The Biggest Loser

. Later in the episode, Dr. Huizenga assesses the health of the off-site players, leading to a big shock for one contestant in particular. The surprises keep coming, too, when one team produce unexpected numbers at the weigh-in. — Brie HearnNCIS8/7c CBS Bob Newhart guest stars as Ducky's predecessor, Dr. Walter Magnus, who helps the team in the case of a murdered Navy recruiter who was killed at a college fair. — Bill Ecklund

What are you watching tonight? Tell usNo Ordinary Family8/7c ABC Last week we saw how Global Tech executive Victoria Morrow (Rebecca Mader) redefined "human resources" by shape-shifting into a crane operator for a botched attempt on Katie's life. But tonight, when there are two Katies in the lab during an emergency lockdown, Stephanie might want to think about which one she saves. Meanwhile, Jim's sketches are usually drawn from witnesses' recollections, but he gets his own close-up look at the perps after a gang of criminals take over the precinct. — Joe FriedrichPioneers of Television8/7c PBS It's hard to believe, but Irwin Allen's silly Lost in Space did better in the ratings than Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. This Season 2 premiere of the nostalgia-fest focuses on sci-fi pioneers, including those two series and what is arguably the genre's all-time best: Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. Along the way, viewers learn a bounty of trivia, including this "fascinating" fact: Martin Landau was offered the part of Spock before Leonard Nimoy. — Jeff Gemmill

White Collar10/9c USALast fall's mid-season finale left the fate of the ever-lovable Mozzie hanging in the balance. Now the wait is over as the hunt begins for Mozzie's shooter. But the search will be no easy task for Peter, who's been suspended and falsely accused by the FBI. Backed into a corner, he arranges a sting with Neal and the gang to set things right. — Brie Hearn

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College Basketball
9/8c ESPN
Fresh off its fifth-straight football championship, the Southeastern Conference faces a bit of a letdown come basketball season as its underwhelming collection of teams struggles to make an impact in the rankings. One game the SEC is proud to showcase is tonight's Kentucky-Alabama matchup in Tuscaloosa, Ala., which may feature the class of the conference offensively (UK) and defensively ('Bama). Second-year coaches John Calipari and Anthony Grant are still in store for plenty of Maalox moments, but talents like Wildcats freshmen Terrence Jones and Tide junior JaMychal Green should put on an entertaining show as 'Bama bids for its first win in the series since 2007. — Roger Leister