Big Love Big Love

Big Love
9/8c HBO
If you thought Bill Henrickson had problems before — before he pronounced his polygamy — wait until you see the trouble that awaits him in the premiere of the fifth and final season. He encounters open revolt at Home Plus, his family is ostracized, even attacked, in public, and his soon-to-be fellow state senators can't bear to be in the same room with him. Sure, he's faced uphill battles in the past, but the ones ahead will test his mettle, and threaten to pull his family apart at the seams. — Joe Friedrich

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NFL Playoff
1/Noon c Fox
Day 2 of the divisional battles begins with the high-flying Seahawks visiting the Bears in Chicago. The Bears are certainly the favorites in this game, but the Seahawks, behind rejuvenated QB Matt Hasselbeck, stunned the Saints last weekend 41-36, and if they can beat the Saints...Later in the day on CBS, it's another AFC divisional rivalry, with the Jets visiting the Patriots. Each team has a win over the other this year; but in addition to the normal problems of dealing with Tom Brady, the Jets will need to mentally shake off a 45-3 drubbing the Pats handed them in early December in Foxboro, Mass. — Dave Roeder

Australian Open
6:30/5:30c ESPN2
After dramatically volleying the men's world No. 1 ranking back and forth for a few years, Spain's Rafael Nadal has a firm hold on the honor over Swiss star Roger Federer. Winning the last three majors of 2010 will do that, though Nadal enters two weeks of heat in Melbourne feeling dual pressures from the talk of a "Rafa Slam" as well as a resurgent Federer, who has won 26 of his last 28 matches, including the season opener in Qatar. With Serena Williams injured, the women's bracket Down Under promises a new champion, with Caroline Wozniacki and Vera Zvonareva among the hungriest as they try to add a major win to their lofty rankings. — Roger Leister

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Hannah Montana Forever7/6c DisneyDespite the show's title, Hannah Montana isn't going on forever. In fact, tonight is the series last original episode. In it, Miley is faced with a tough decision. Should she go off to college with Lilly, as she originally planned, or accept a lucrative movie role she is dying to play? Of course, Lilly feels betrayed that Miley would even consider delaying college to be in a movie, but Miley is growing up and must make her own way. If only she could have the best of both worlds. — Tim Holland

Golden Globe Awards
8/7c NBC
Dig that gold. A galaxy of stars will be mining for golden honors at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's 68th annual soiree, which recognizes achievement in 25 movie and TV categories. Ricky Gervais returns to host for the second time, and the colorful Brit funnyman will likely add his zesty brand of wit to the proceedings, which include a tribute to Robert De Niro, who receives the Cecil B. DeMille Award. Slated presenters include Kevin Bacon, Helen Mirren, Kevin Spacey, Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. and Bruce Willis. The ceremony is broadcast from the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the land of 90210. — Dean Maurer

The Simpsons
8/7c Fox
Smithers spruces up Moe's tavern with a trendy makeover, and it instantly becomes a gay hangout. Elsewhere, Principal Skinner has a crush on the new music teacher (voice of Kristen Wiig), whose daughter (voice of Alyson Hannigan) has a thing for Bart, leading Skinner to enlist the rascally rapscallion as the unlikeliest of allies. Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall) has a voice cameo. — Fred Mitchell

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Desperate Housewives9/8c ABC Last week it was Susan who had to deal with her mother; now it's Lynette, whose mom (Polly Bergen) is about to marry a guy (Larry Hagman) who seems to have only one thing going for him: He's rich. At least Lynette's Renee problem was resolved last week, but now it seems that Bob and Lee have a Renee problem after they hire her to decorate their soon-to-be adopted daughter's bedroom. She can't stand kids. Meanwhile, Bree runs into Keith's ex-girlfriend (Rochelle Aytes), and that won't be good for Keith. And Paul Young's back on his feet, and that can't be good for anybody. — Paul DroeschTed Haggard: Scandalous10/9c TLC As anyone who's seen Alexandra Pelosi's 2009 doc The Trials of Ted Haggard can attest, New Life Church founder and onetime National Association of Evangelicals president Ted Haggard, who fell from the graces of both due to a 2006 gay-sex-and-drugs scandal, is a fascinating and flawed fellow. Scandalous details his effort to rebuild his life, which includes founding a new church "for people like me, people who know that everyone needs a break at one time or another in their lives." — Jeff Gemmill