Wipeout Wipeout

8/7c ABC
What's the advantage of an obstacle course that's completely covered in snow? Host John Henson says that it helps to reduce the swelling. Of course, that will be cold comfort for tonight's contestants as they face wintery obstacles that include Mogul Madness and Yule Log Jam. — Fred Mitchell

Laugh Out Loud Comedy Festival
11/10c Showtime
Showtime launches a new entry into the stand-up comedy scene with a series that features promising young talent as well as those established funnymen and funnywomen who have made successful careers on the circuit and in films and on television. That's what could be said of the show's first act, Chris Spencer, who's cut up in a number of features and made repeat appearances on In Living Color, The Jamie Foxx Show and Significant Others. Spencer's been around and boy, can he work a crowd. — Ray Stackhouse

Target: Inside the Bullseye
9/8c CNBC
Those in the know call it Tar-zhay. This history of the discount department store traces its growth from a humble, family-owned Minneapolis department store into a retail giant with approximately $65 billion in annual revenue. — Jeff Gemmill

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Swarm Chasers 7/6c Animal Planet When you think of locusts, you think of plagues. How fitting then that locusts are the first subject in a new documentary series that studies the phenomenon of swarms. The instinct to congregate can turn relatively innocuous creatures into a terrifying mob with astonishing destructive capabilities. Scientists head to Australia in the series premiere to see just what can be done to manage an ancient pest that has a reputation of biblical proportions. — Rhoda CharlesBeyond Scared Straight

10/9c A&E It was 1978 when Arnold Shapiro's documentary about prison inmates confronting juvenile delinquents was released and earned multiple Emmy Awards and an Academy Award. The raw and visceral impact of the format is still effective after 30 years, and now Shapiro is behind a series that reaches out to help a new generation of troubled teens. In the opener, five young women are introduced to the harsh realities of prison life when they visit Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla, Cal. — Bill Ecklund

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NBA Basketball
8/7c TNT
While the Miami Heat needed a full month for their high-profile new pieces to gel (a 9-8 start) before taking the NBA by storm, the Orlando Magic needed all of two games to fold in mid-December acquisitions Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu. Since Dec. 23, presto! — nine straight victories entering last night's contest in New Orleans. Tonight, Dwight Howard and Co. will need to be at their best on a visit to Oklahoma City, where Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook aced their chemistry test far sooner than anyone expected as the young Thunder rumbled to a playoff berth last season. — Roger Leister