Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live
11:29/10:29c NBC
It'll be Jim-dandy when the late-night lampooner returns for the first show of 2011 with Jim Carrey taking on hosting duties. The star of I Love You Phillip Morris, The Truman Show, Man on the Moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind teams up with the primed-for-prime-time players to lacerate today's headline-splashing people and events. Meanwhile, alt-rock darlings the Black Keys deliver their bluesy-rock blast on the music stage. The guitar-drum duo released the CD Brothers in 2010. — Dean Maurer

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NFL Playoff
4:30/3:30c NBC
NBC's wild-card doubleheader kicks off with Drew Brees and the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints visiting the NFC West-winning Seattle Seahawks, who get home-field advantage despite being the first team to make the NFL playoffs with a losing record. Then in prime time, the Indianapolis Colts host the New York Jets in a rematch of last year's AFC Championship game. The Colts will attempt to shut down the Jets' running attack and put the game in the hands of QB Mark Sanchez, while the Jets do not particularly want the ball in the hands of Peyton Manning. — Dave Roeder

Clash of the Titans
8/7c HBO
The timelessness of Greek mythology meets the marvels of 21st-century technology in this update of the 1981 fantasy known for its stop-motion animation. In the 2010 version, the tale of Perseus (Sam Worthington) comes with all the modern-day bells and whistles director Louis Leterrier can summon as the heroic demigod battles all manner of terrifying creatures, including Medusa and the monstrous Kraken, in a war of Olympian proportions. The PG-13 rated film also stars Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes. — Joe Friedrich

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The Twilight Saga: New Moon8/7c ShowtimeThe second cinema chapter in the wildly popular Twilight saga, based on the best-selling novels by Stephenie Meyer, goes from I Was a Teenage Vampire to I Was a Teenage Werewolf. The sequel picks up with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) at an emotional crossroads when vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) leaves town. But she's not alone for long, as she reconnects with the mysterious Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), a childhood friend who harbors his own supernatural secrets. The 2009 thriller is rated PG-13 for violence. — Ray StackhouseVictorious8:30/7:30c Nickelodeon Rex has always been more than just a puppet to Robbie — he's a voice for Robbie, and a friend. So when Rex gets sucked into a giant fan and is left horribly damaged, Robbie is devastated. Robbie's pals think something good may come from this unfortunate accident: Robbie can be rid of his deep attachment to a puppet and move on. But Tori isn't quite on board with this approach because she thinks Robbie may not be ready to let go of Rex yet. — Jennifer Sankowski

Is Victorious appointment viewing in your home? Tell usPerfectly Prudence9/8c HallmarkJane Seymour reunites with her Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman love interest Joe Lando for this follow-up to 2008's Dear Prudence. But that's not the only tie Seymour has with a costar; her real-life husband, James Keach, and daughter, Katie Flynn, both appear in the 2011 film, which finds the ever-resourceful Prudence McCoy trying to protect her TV show from meddling producers. But Pru is caught off guard when one of her foes turns out to be an old flame. — Brie HearnPrimeval9/8c BBC America Talk about a bittersweet homecoming. After spending a year trapped in the Cretaceous period, Abby and Connor returned to present day in last week's Season 4 opener, only to find out they've lost their jobs in the ARC. Tonight, Connor decides to make the most of his free time and catches up with an old friend, who, to Connor's surprise, is obsessed with creature sightings. — Karen Kelty