Survivor Survivor

Survivor: Nicaragua
8/7c CBS
Only seven castaways remain after last week's shocking tribal council where NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit the game, due to fatigue. Their voluntary exits put Sash in trouble, since he was in an alliance with both of them. Arguably, it's a plus for everyone else, except maybe for Dan, whose only chance of winning, presumably, was to go up against them in the finals. Tonight, it's a whole new game with sights set on new targets. It promises to be the beginning of a wild finish to the season. — Tim Holland

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The Middle

8/7c ABC
Frankie's parents (Marsha Mason and Jerry Van Dyke) spend the 12 days of Christmas with the Hecks (to Mike's chagrin) and they take exception to Frankie's plan to take the focus off the gifts and have a simple family Christmas. — Fred Mitchell

Human Target
8/7c Fox
The last time we saw Baptiste (Lennie James) in the present tense (not flashbacks), Chance's one-time protégé, and an accomplished assassin in his own right, was being led away in handcuffs by the FBI in Season 1. Whether he escaped from federal custody — and knowing a bit about him, it's a safe bet that he did — he's currently cooling his heels in a Russian prison, which is where Chance finds him when Baptiste may be the only person who can help when Ilsa's friend is kidnapped. — Joe Friedrich

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Fashion Forward: Making It9/8c CW

Twilight star Ashley Greene hosts this trendy hour that spotlights the hottest designers in fashion today, such as Tory Burch, Marcus Wainwright, David Neville and Alexander Wang, as well as celebrity fashion gurus, like Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani, who are putting their own creative stamp on the industry. The clothing impresarios discuss what it takes to be successful in the business and how to build a brand. — Tim HollandMythBusters9/8c DiscoveryIf you were looking for a high-profile guest star to help boost your show's viewing audience for a night, a sitting Commander-in-Chief would surely top the list. Adam and Jamie hold court with none other than President Obama in this episode reexamining a myth pertaining to a weapon developed by Archimedes. — Michael Chant

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College Basketball
9:30/8:30c ESPN
In the featured game of this year's SEC/Big East Invitational, Notre Dame travels just over the Indiana border to "neutral" Louisville, where the normally unwelcome Kentucky and its rabid fans are sure to turn the new KFC Yum! Center a deep shade of Wildcats blue. The matchup is an interesting contrast between the senior-laden Fighting Irish, led by Ben Hansbrough (Tyler's bro), and the latest baby-faced UK squad featuring blue-chip freshmen Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones and Doron Lamb. — Roger Leister

Top Chef: All-Stars
10/9c Bravo
The all-star returnees step up to the plate in Season 8's super-size second episode. Now without the services of the ousted Elia, the chief chefs take in a night at the museum. Pop singer Joe Jonas is on hand for the Quickfire challenge, enlisting the galloping gourmets to prepare a snack for children enjoying a sleepover at New York's American Museum of Natural History. Afterward, prehistoric sustenance moves the contestants to whip up breakfast items for the children. This season is all about embracing the past and welcoming the return of previous players, so it's fitting that Season 1 host Katie Lee Joel revisits the show as a guest judge tonight. — Dean Maurer