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8/7c CW
What if Clark had been adopted by a family other than the Kents? Would he still be the stand-up guy we know and love? This scenario plays out when a Kryptonian box transports Clark to a parallel universe where his adoption and subsequent rearing by Lionel Luthor has turned him into a murderer. Realizing that his alter ego is posing a threat to the world he knows, Clark Kent tries to escape this reality and return to his own, but can he make it back home before Clark Luthor does irreparable damage? — Rhoda Charles

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A Walk in My Shoes8/7c NBC Nancy Travis stars in this third installment of NBC's Family Movie Night as a judgmental teacher who can't understand why parents don't get more involved in their kids' lives. But after an encounter with a mysterious woman, Travis's Trish Fahey gets a firsthand look at the life of a mom of a teen basketball player who's struggling in school. It doesn't take long for Trish to realize there's often much more to a family's story than what she sees in the classroom. —

Brie Hearn
Medium8/7c CBS The future looks dim for Patricia Arquette's paranormal crime show: CBS canceled the series (but psychic sleuth Allison probably knew that long ago). Before the show dematerializes for good — the final episode airs Jan. 21 — CBS conjures up a new episode tonight, and Allison goes full steam ahead. After a man is struck and killed by a train, Allison's visions suggest that the incident was actually a homicide. Will she be on track to derail any similar killings in the future? Meanwhile, Joe tries to cope with unsettling news involving his mother (Kathy Baker). — Dean Maurer

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CMT Artists of the Year8/7c CMT CMT honors some artists who left their mark on the genre in 2010: Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Zac Brown Band. Here to pay their respects are slated performers Adele, Maroon 5, Joe Perry of Aerosmith and Darius Rucker; as well as presenters Kid Rock, Martina McBride and Hayley Williams of Paramore. Kevin Costner is the host. — Fred MitchellNASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards9/8c Speed Gentlemen, start your salads! The pressure is off for all of NASCAR's top drivers as they get the brief offseason started by trading in their fire-retardant suits for black-tie numbers at the annual gala in Las Vegas. Those on-track fisticuffs and pit-road shouting matches in the final weeks of the Chase have turned into friendly cocktail-hour fodder for the likes of Jeff Gordon, Jeff Burton and Kyle Busch, a Vegas native who is bound to be front-and-center on the dais as Sprint Cup champion one of these years, like his brother Kurt was in 2004. — Roger Leister

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Sanctuary10/9c SyfyWhen your job description includes something along the lines of "must be able to work with intelligent species that aren't exactly human," you're going to have some strange on-the-job collaborations, like in tonight's episode. Magnus seeks out John "Jack the Ripper" Druitt (Christopher Heyerdahl) to find out what he knows about Adam (Ian Tracey) while Will finds himself working alongside Nikola Tesla (Jonathan Young). — Michael ChantGold Rush: Alaska10/9c DiscoveryWhile the global economic meltdown left some people feeling disenfranchised, disillusioned and defeated, there were also never-say-die types who decided to take their futures into their own hard-working hands. If these hard times leave you needing some inspiration, try to catch tonight's premiere of the reality series following a group of men from Oregon who are literally hoping to strike gold in Alaska. — Michael Chant