Smallville Smallville

8/7c CW
The unexpected arrival of Lois' father and sister (Michael Ironside and Peyton List) means there'll be no time for Lois and Clark to sit back and rest after a turkey dinner. Caught between General Lane's efforts in favor of the vigilante registration act and her soft spot for one particular superhero, Lois is torn between the two men in her life. And when Lucy gets unwittingly involved in a plot by Rick Flagg (Ted Whittall) to kill the General, all thoughts of an uneventful Thanksgiving holiday fly out the window. — Rhoda Charles

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NBA Basketball
8/7c ESPN
The Celtics' opening-night win over Miami showed that, contrary to popular belief, the Heat have not yet clinched a berth in the NBA Finals. Boston is still the beast of the East and gets its next test tonight against the always-entertaining Chicago Bulls. While star guard Derrick Rose and whirling dervish Joakim Noah seem to get better every game, the absence of free-agent signee Carlos Boozer to a finger injury makes things challenging for new coach Tom Thibodeau, who spent the last three seasons as an assistant coach in Boston. The loudest ovation at TD Garden may be reserved for former Celtics fan favorite Brian Scalabrine, a part of the Bulls' frontcourt rotation. — Roger Leister

9 pm/ET CBS
John Larroquette guest stars tonight in a recurring role as Ted Carver, the Deputy Chief of Manhattan Borough Detectives. Carver and Mac collide when a sniper begins shooting people from rooftop locations. Mac wants to alert everyone that a sniper is on the loose but Carver fears a city-wide panic will ensue if they do. The case also forces Mac to relive a brutal abduction case that may be connected to the shootings. — Tim Holland

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8/7c ABC While some blended families can mix together with barely a ripple, the one featured in tonight's Season 7 premiere needs to cut out its toxic ingredients before a recipe for disaster is brewed. Most of the turmoil comes from a brooding teenage daughter, whose relationship with her mother is all hostility and rage. But there's also the matter of the 4-year-old daughter who can't stand to be away from her father, and Jo fears that the parents' different rules for each child are coming back to haunt them. — Joe FriedrichDog Whisperer 8/7c National Geographic Cesar's list of celebrity clientele keeps growing as actress Rhona Mitras (The Gates) seeks his help in rehabilitating her aggressive bulldog, Oscar, who developed violent tendencies following a frightening encounter with a pit bull. And later, the honeymoon is over for newlyweds Paul and Lisa, whose beloved pups can't get along. — Karen Andzejewicz

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Todd Margaret10/9c IFC It's been quite the whirlwind tour of duty for outlandish prevaricator and budding energy-drink entrepreneur Todd Margaret (David Cross). The season's six-episode run comes to a close with this outing in which hapless screw-up Todd has made a royal mess of both his personal and professional lives. His career looks like it may fizzle out and go down the drain, and his love life is one feckless fiasco. Now that the world's worst liar has his back against the wall, just what will he come up with to, hopefully, save the bloody day? — Ray StackhouseWhat Not to Wear: Dressing Your Age10/9c TLC The worst fashion offense, according to Stacy and Clinton, is failing to dress your age. In this hour-long special, the style mavens are looking back at the five worst fashion offenders they've dealt with, who were out of touch with how foolish they looked in their skintight skirts and barely-there dresses. Also recalled are their stunning transformations. — Karen Andzejewicz