Medium Medium

8/7c CBS
Thus far in an involving Season 7, Allison has swapped personalities with her daughter, played paranormal matchmaker, snooped into the slaying of a missing girl and created surging friction with Scanlon. It's no wonder Allison's starting to feel the heat — literally. Tonight, our psychic soccer mom suffers a burn on her hand, requiring her to get a skin graft. She'll need to get a grip, however, when the injured hand then begins to act on its own. Meanwhile, daughter Bridgette gets a kick out of soccer, but she's hiding a secret about actual role on her soccer squad. — Dean Maurer

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NBA Basketball
7:30/6:30c ESPN
LeBron James takes his talents to sleepy St. Petersburg, Fla., for a final preseason tune-up against the rival Orlando Magic, who may have been sending mighty Miami a message by warming up for the season with six straight lopsided October wins. Both teams have retooled since playoff losses to the Celtics and appear to be on a season-long collision course for conference and Sunshine State superiority. While James and Chris Bosh were high-profile Heat pickups, Orlando bolstered its backcourt with Chris Duhon and ex-Heat guard Quentin Richardson. — Roger Leister

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Dog Whisperer8/7c NatGeo While training his 800-lb. pet grizzly bear, Brutus, was a breeze for naturalist and Expedition Wild star Casey Anderson, training his wife's problematic pups has been no walk in the park. Aggressive J.J. and Ellie tend to team up and terrorize other dogs when they're out on walks. So Cesar's called in to get to the root of the dogs' bad behavior. The hour also features an expectant couple who are desperate to cure their pit bull's aggression toward children before their baby is born. — Karen Andzejewicz


9/8c CW Vampires are all the rage these days, so it seems perfectly fitting that monster-hunting brothers Sam and Dean would get sucked into the bloody fray. That's especially true of Dean who turns into one of the nocturnal creatures tonight when he's bitten by one. It all begins when Sam and Dean investigate the disappearance of several girls from a small town and learn the place is overrun with vampires. Fortunately, Samuel (Mitch Pileggi) tells Dean he can change him back. But there's just one catch. He'll need blood from the vampire who turned him. — Tim Holland

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The Good Guys

9/8c Fox
If you're a cop and your uncle is a con artist, it's safe to wager that your big family functions are going to be, well, at least a little awkward if you both show up. Now imagine that there's no reason for you and that shady uncle to interact socially, except that he's the only witness in an arson. Jack and Dan find themselves in that scenario as Ed Begley Jr. guest stars as Jack's uncle. — Michael Chant

Real Time with Bill Maher

10/9c HBO
Bill Maher has had fun mocking Sarah Palin and her inner circle, including Levi Johnston, the father of her grandson. But now that Johnston's on-again, off-again romance with Bristol Palin is off-again, thanks to a second broken engagement, his tenure in her entourage looks like it's finally finished. In any case, Palin will no doubt be a topic of conversation when Johnston appears on tonight's show, which also features director Rob Reiner, reporter Jake Tapper and commentator Nicolle Wallace. — Joe Friedrich

Todd Margaret

10/9c IFC
Todd is doing his best to become firmly established in the business and in England, but things take a turn for the worse when his boss, Brent, turns up in London unannounced — and with an agenda. The first order of business is just that, an order, as Brent demands that Todd remit to him all proceeds from the sales of Thunder Muscle. But not all is bad news for Todd, as he does get the chance to oversee the filming of his commercial for the energy drink. And that's not the least bit difficult to swallow. — Ray Stackhouse