Modern Family Modern Family

Modern Family
9/8c ABC
Last week's long-awaited kiss between Cameron and Mitchell happened in a clever, blink-and-you-missed-it way, and certainly didn't shake the world to its foundation. Besides, that's what tonight's episode is for — when an earthquake hits! Ripple effects are felt throughout the Pritchett clan, as Claire is trapped in the bathroom with a plumber whom Phil didn't want to hire, and Cameron and Mitchell use the disaster to get out of a costume brunch thrown by their friend Pepper (Nathan Lane). — Joe Friedrich

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
9/8c NBC
Tonight's case begins as a basic accident when a pedestrian is hit by a car. But things get more complicated after Warner rules the death a homicide, and then the investigation reveals the deceased teenage girl was a victim of human trafficking. Gloria Reuben reprises her role as ADA Christine Danielson and helps her old pals Benson and Stabler, who fight to keep the case and not lose it to the FBI. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Challenge: Cutthroat
10/9c MTV
The 20th season gets underway as 30 fan favorites arrive in Prague, where they'll be competing for a whopping $500,000 grand prize, the largest jackpot in Challenge history. As always, alliances will be formed, loyalties will be questioned, and backs will be stabbed in the quest for the cash. This season's players include Challenge regulars Brad, Derrick, Paula and Katie, and some fresh faces, too, including Emily and Ty from Real World: DC. Let the games begin! — Karen Andzejewicz

Steven Seagal Lawman
10/9c A&E
Steven Seagal is back in action. That sounds like the opening to a sequel for any one of his action films. And here, too, there's plenty of action, but this is all too real. Seagal returns for a second season of the reality show following him in his job as deputy sheriff at the Jefferson Parish Deputy's Office in Louisiana. In the opener, Seagal and his team witness a head-on collision and search for a suspect in a double-homicide case. — Bill Ecklund

Harry Loves Lisa
10/9c TV Land
Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna are the latest celebrities to dive into the reality-show fish bowl for this six-episode look at the busy lives of this happy couple — going on 13 years of marriage, they've been together nearly two decades — seemingly a rarity in Hollywood. In tonight's premiere, stay-at-home dad Hamlin gets off to a bumpy start on his road back to show business, while the notoriously enhanced Rinna lands in hot water after she makes disparaging comments about a starlet's cosmetic surgery. — Joe Friedrich

South Park
10/9c Comedy Central
So far in the 14th season, South Park has trained its formidable arsenal of scathing social satire on sex addiction, censorship, fast food and Facebook, though the boys' shenanigans eventually resulted in a (fictitious) class-action lawsuit brought by several hundred offended individuals in a memorable 200th episode. As the 14th season continues tonight with the first of seven new installments, the show accelerates its mockery into the fast lane as Cartman pursues his dream of becoming a NASCAR driver. — Joe Friedrich

MLB Playoff
1:30/12:30c TBS
Like the changing colors of autumn leaves, the Rangers and Reds give baseball's postseason a distinctive new look as they see their first playoff action in over a decade as part of today's Division Series tripleheader. The day begins indoors at Tropicana Field, where the AL East-champion Tampa Bay Rays host AL West-champ Texas in a showcase of sublime lefties David Price and Cliff Lee. Then, Dusty Baker's upstart Cincinnati Reds take on ace Roy Halladay and the Phillies in a matchup of the National League's two highest-scoring teams. Grab a jacket for the nightcap in Minnesota, which hosts an outdoor playoff game for the first time since 1970. Ron Gardenhire's Twins face their October nemesis, the defending-champion Yankees, for the fourth time in eight years. — Roger Leister