Smallville Smallville

8/7c CW
John Schneider returns for the series' 10th and final season with a message for his son, Clark, who has had a bout with blue kryptonite. Thanks to Lois, Clark will survive, but will Oliver?  The ever-tenacious Chloe desperately searches for Oliver, who was last seen trying to reconnect Watchtower's satellites, but her hunt leads her down an unexpected path. And then there's Tess, who wakes up to find herself in a LuthorCorp laboratory, which can't be good. — Rhoda Charles


9/8c CW
The sixth-season premiere of the supernatural series picks up a year after the Apocalypse that concluded season five. Dean is retired from hunting and living with Lisa and her son. But unbeknownst to Dean, Sam has been freed from his cage in hell and is intent on recruiting his brother to rejoin the fight against evil. To convince him, Sam introduces Dean to family members they never knew existed. — Tim Holland

9/8c CBS
Sela Ward joins the cast as Jo Danville, a former FBI agent turned CSI, as the crime drama's seventh season begins. She replaces the departed Melina Kanakaredes who played Stella Bonasera. Stella, we are told, is now an investigator in New Orleans. Tonight, Danville begins her first day at work by stumbling upon a dead body in the building that houses the crime lab. — Tim Holland

Blue Bloods
10/9c CBS
Tom Selleck heads an impressive ensemble cast that also includes Donnie Wahlberg and Bridget Moynahan in this New York-based crime drama about a multigenerational family of cops. Selleck stars as Frank Reagan, the city's straight-shooting police commissioner, who may have secrets he'd rather not reveal. Wahlberg and Will Estes play his blue-blooded sons Danny and Jamie, while Moynahan is Frank's daughter Erin, who works as an assistant D.A. In tonight's promising opener, Danny investigates a girl's kidnapping and is accused of using excessive force to solve the case. — Tim Holland

College Football
8/7c ESPN
Fresh off their first win since 2000 over a team from a BCS conference (Washington St.), the SMU Mustangs host one of the top non-BCS teams around in the TCU Horned Frogs. The annual Lone Star State clash awards the winner the "Iron Skillet," which SMU last claimed with an upset win in 2005 (TCU's only loss that season). Since then, the purple-clad Horned Frogs have dominated the series while become a nationally ranked defense-first power. Linebacker Tank Carder leads the Frogs against QB Kyle Padron and a Mustangs offense that has gelled in a hurry under third-year coach June Jones. — Roger Leister

10/9c NBC
The legal drama's second episode tackles a weighty, topical and politically volatile issue — immigration, particularly immigration in Arizona. Law maven and playboy gamblin' man Cyrus Garza rolls the dice, as he and his crew journey to the Grand Canyon State to advocate and defend when an immigration stop turns into a police shooting. They ultimately defend an unlikely party, and Al reconsiders the wisdom of joining Garza's team. Meanwhile, Mereta considers making a move on Garza. Ed Begley Jr. guest stars. — Dean Maurer

Fish Hooks
9/8c Disney
Disney's newest animated series revolves around the misadventures of three fish, Milo, Oscar and Bea, who live in pet-store fish tanks. In the wacky opener, Bea hosts a girls-only party, but Milo and Oscar sneak in dressed as girls, and the trio explore outside of the fish tank wearing special land suits. Unfortunately, they meet up with the store's nasty cat...who is eyeing them as snacks. — Tim Holland