90210 90210

8/7c CW
An earthquake strikes Beverly Hills in the third-season opener of 90210, as if the relationships on this show needed any more shaking up. The Wilsons are still reeling from the loss of Harry, leaving Debbie pulling double duty as mom and pop. Meanwhile, Teddy and Silver face the stress of an injury that threatens Teddy's tennis future. Naomi works through the aftermath of a traumatic assault, while Navid welcomes Adrianna back from her whirlwind tour with Javier only to face tragedy soon after. —Rhoda Charles

Oprah Winfrey

Syndicated (check local listings)
Since she began her daily syndicated talk show in 1986, Oprah Winfrey has become not only the undisputed champion of daytime television but one of the most powerful cultural forces in America, a point likely to be underlined on Friday, when she makes another lucky author very successful with her 64th Book Club selection. Today, John Travolta is on the (announced) guest list as Oprah begins her "Farewell Season" with a number of surprises, including good ones for lucky fans. — Paul Droesch

Bachelor Pad
8/7c ABC
Last week wasn't kind to the Bachelor Pad ladies as Gwen, Ashley, Nikki and Peyton were dispatched (along with just one Y-chromosome representative, Jesse B.). But the female housecleaning was necessary for gender equity, and now we're down to six (three of each) for the season finale. Two of them (or one of the couples) will win, and all 19 of the original residents will reunite, but first there's the final challenge, and to promote the program that'll return in this time slot next week, it has a Dancing with the Stars theme. — Paul Droesch

Lie to Me
9/8c Fox
Just as most network-TV detectives are heading back to work, face reader Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) will take a break after tonight's "summer season finale," in which he probes the murder of a journalist friend who was investigating political corruption — and bruises his relationship with FBI agent Ben Reynolds in the process. And, genius though he is, he's also a dad who's not happy that his daughter Emily is dating. Lie to Me is slated to return for Season 3 in November. — Paul Droesch

Gossip Girl
9/8c CW
In the fourth-season opener, Blair and Serena are not in their beloved New York City, but instead are soaking up the summer sun as they frolic in Paris. Their goal is to forget about the guys back home, though that proves difficult for Blair when she sees Chuck in France — with a beautiful woman by his side. Back in New York, Nate also meets a new woman (Katie Cassidy of Melrose Place), while Dan is preoccupied with someone from his past: a very pregnant Georgina. — Jennifer Sankowski

The 19th Wife
9/8c Lifetime
Dysfunctional families come in all shapes, sizes...and faiths. This 2010 Lifetime Original movie tells the tale of BeckyLyn, a fundamentalist Mormon wife (Patricia Wettig) who is accused of murdering her husband. Another wife, Queenie (Chyler Leigh), who believes in her friend's innocence, enlists the help of the accused's excommunicated son (Matt Czuchry) to clear her friend's name. But their investigation causes even them to doubt her innocence. — Rhoda Charles

Rizzoli & Isles
10/9c TNT
Season 1 draws to a close on gal-pal dynamic duo Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles. (The crime-busting girl-power series has been renewed and will return for a second season.) It gets wicked dicey in Boston when a brutal gang kills an undercover cop working a drug-smuggling sting. But this killing crew is just getting started. Now they set their deadly aim on Boston homicide headquarters, trapping Jane, Maura and Frankie Jr. in a desperate fight for survival. Home-field advantage only goes so far, and Maura in particular meets the greatest test of her life. Chazz Palminteri and Erik Palladino guest-star. — Dean Maurer