Burn Notice Burn Notice

Burn Notice
9/8c USA
Burn Notice heads into its summer break (new episodes return in November) with tonight's tense installment. Jesse and Michael's trap for Barrett is in place, but the plan has hit a serious snag now that Jesse knows the truth about his burn notice. While Fiona tries to convince Jesse to meet with Michael to smooth things out, Michael adds yet another challenge to his plate by teaming up with a defense attorney to rescue his kidnapped daughter. — Brie Hearn

9/8c Biography
Countless words have been written about guitar legend Jimi Hendrix (1942-70), whose music speaks for itself. A studio wizard and innovator in sounds of dissonance and quiet beauty, the Seattle rocker's songs have been issued as part of an ongoing cottage industry on far more albums since his death than he ever released (three studio LPs) in his short life. This profile explores that life through his words, culled from letters, writings, and recordings. Also included is live performance footage, plus studio recordings and demos. Featured songs include such standouts (popular even among those born decades after he recorded them) as "Fire" and "Purple Haze." — Bill Ecklund

Royal Pains
10/9c USA
In tonight's summer finale, Eddie finally comes clean with Hank and Evan about what he's been up to, and the revelation is even more surprising than the guys anticipated. Divya, meanwhile, gets closer to Adam as his condition worsens, prompting even more doubts about her impending nuptials. On the medical front, Hank tends to an ailing socialite, but she disappears before Hank can diagnose her. — Brie Hearn

NFL Football
8/7c ESPN
The Monday Night Football crew concludes its four-game, two-week preseason at Green Bay's Lambeau Field, where Peyton Manning's Colts look to fine-tune one of the league's most consistently well-oiled offenses against the Packers. Lambeau's Cheeseheads may not have aged well this offseason after seeing their No. 2-ranked defense shredded by Arizona in a 51-45 overtime loss in the playoffs, but a new season brings fresh expectations for QB Aaron Rodgers, whose play has looked sharp thus far in August. This week of preseason typically sees starters stay in longer than usual, which should thankfully limit "MNF" analyst Jon Gruden's time to wax nostalgic about his days as Packers receivers coach.  — Roger Leister

9/8c Fox
All the revelations and soul-searching about Peter's real identity — and keeping it from him — must have been driving Olivia and Walter crazy in this April repeat. So their investigation into the deaths of passengers on a commuter train should distract them a little. But the case, characterized by a mysterious energy drain from the corpses and their electronic gadgets, also introduces them to a man named Alistair Peck (Peter Weller) who may have had something to do with it. — Joe Friedrich

NightlinePrime: Secrets of Your Mind — Why We Do What We Do
10/9c ABC
Last week, neurosurgeon Julian Bailes looked at love; tonight, it's something else — psychopathic behavior. Are some of us just born bad or is evil learned along the way (or some combination)? And how early in life can psychopathic behavior be detected (and, perhaps, combated)? Bailes probes the cases of two serial killers now on death row to search for some of the answers, and he interviews the father of pro wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and children, and then himself. (Bailes examined Benoit's brain shortly after that 2007 tragedy.) — Paul Droesch

Jersey Shore
10/9c MTV
Ronnie's been creepin' on other girls at the clubs, then coming home to cuddle with Sam all season, but this two-timer (and sometimes three-timer) is about to get busted when the self-proclaimed Sweetheart finds the "anonymous" letter penned by Snooki and J-Woww that details all of his dirty deeds. — Karen Andzejewicz