Garbage Moguls Garbage Moguls

Garbage Moguls
8/7c National Geographic
This new docu-reality series follows an ingenious group of eco-capitalists at TerraCycle, Inc., a green business that creates and sells products made from non-recyclable waste materials. In the first episode of a three-hour marathon, Pedigree challenges the TerraCycle crew to develop a line of pet products. With a strict two-week deadline, the participants quickly get to work, collecting hundreds of old dog-food bags and using them to make a variety of products, from leashes and collars to dog toys and rain gear. The other episodes' tasks: build a garbage can from potato chip wrappers, design fishing lures from old CDs and make a suit jacket out of Target shopping bags. — Karen Andzejewicz

Being Human
9/8c BBC America
Details of Mitchell's past have always been quite murky, but his story becomes clearer when a flashback to the 1960s reveals why the vampire turned his back on killing, while in the present day, he struggles to contain his desire to kill. Elsewhere, Annie is left looking after a ghost baby, which makes her want one of her own. — Karen Andzejewicz

7:30/6:30c ABC
With just three races to go until the 12-driver Chase for the Championship, the Sprint Cup Series heats up with the Irwin Tools Night Race at cozy Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway. As 43 cars fight for track space while making 500 dizzying trips around the popular half-mile oval, tempers tend to boil over. A prime candidate may be Ryan Newman (in the No. 39 Chevy), who sits 103 points behind 12th-place driver Clint Bowyer and gave peach-fuzzed Joey Logano a post-race earful after being spun out last week. Meanwhile, four-time series champ Jimmie Johnson sits comfortably fifth in points as he bids for a season sweep at Bristol, where he had been 0-for-16 before winning in March. — Roger Leister

The Informant!
8/7c HBO
Matt Damon earned a Golden Globe nomination in Steven Soderbergh's darkly comic tale about a real-life corporate whistle-blower. Based on Kurt Eichenwald's book of the same name (minus the exclamation point), the 2009 film tells the story of Mark Whitacre (Damon), a well-paid executive at a food conglomerate who goes undercover for the FBI to expose a price-fixing scheme, but whose own deceitful behavior eventually calls his integrity into question. The R-rated film also stars Scott Bakula and Joel McHale. — Joe Friedrich

In America
8/7c CNN
Soledad O'Brien delivers an insightful report on the effort to rebuild Pontchartrain Park, a middle-class black New Orleans neighborhood devastated by Katrina. Among the unlikely heroes: Wendell Pierce (The Wire, Treme), who found himself cast in real life as a leader of the resuscitation drive. "I am an actor," he tells a community group. "I am not a consultant, a businessman, a developer, none of that...but I'm trying to learn." And, as shown here, learn it he has, admirably overseeing a project designed to deliver 400 new homes at fair prices. — Jeff Gemmill

Lake Placid 3
9/8c Syfy
Colin Ferguson, that likable lawman from Eureka, trades his sheriff's uniform for game warden's garb as he portrays a family man who moves his brood to a lakeside community, where he learns the hard way that taking on supersized crocodiles is part of his job description. Witchblade star Yancy Butler also turns up in this third installment of the big-bad-reptile franchise. — Michael Chant

Whip It
10/9c Cinemax
The slam-bang world of roller derby is taken for a spin by first-time director Drew Barrymore, who also stars as one of the sport's superstars. An excellent cast is lead by Ellen Page, as teenage Bliss Cavendar, who doffs her tiara as an ex-beauty queen and trades it for a helmet and skates and the chance to muck it up on the banked track. Among her colorfully nicknamed teammates are Smashley Simpson (Barrymore), Maggie Mayhem (Kristen Wiig) and Bloody Holly (Zoe Bell). The 2009 film is rated PG-13 for sexual situations and strong language. — Ray Stackhouse