Melissa & Joey Melissa & Joey

Melissa & Joey
8/7c ABC Family
Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence were successful sitcom kids in the 1980s and 1990s, and now they've teamed up to star in (and executive produce) a new comedy reminiscent of such favorites as Who's the Boss? and Charles in Charge from that era. In tonight's series opener, busy politician Mel (Hart) gains custody of her teenage niece and nephew after their parents get in trouble with the law. Mel needs help looking after the kids, and that's when unemployed Joe (Lawrence) enters the picture. — Jennifer Sankowski

9/8c TNT
Season 2 of Jada Pinkett Smith's medical drama begins drawing to a close (the season finale airs next week). In tonight's healthy dose of drama, a volatile situation swirls around care-giving protagonist Christina Hawthorne's daughter, so Christina seeks help in the form of Det. Nick Renata (Marc Anthony, continuing his guest-star arc). In other developments, Kelly looks for a mourning mother's camera and hopes for a picture-perfect outcome. Then, Erin and Christina clash over Tom's career, and a figure from the past haunts Steve. Sara Gilbert guest stars. — Dean Maurer

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel
10/9c HBO
Most anyone who follows the news will hear the words "alleged party crashers" and immediately think of celeb couple Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who gained notoriety with a controversial appearance at the White House last November. But they are now becoming TV staples, with Michaele featured on the reality series Real Housewives of D.C., tussling with Whoopi Goldberg on The View, and appearing with her husband tonight to discuss the controversial fund-raising for their charity polo match on the National Mall. — Dave Roeder

Gates of Hell

8/7c History
The expression "hell on Earth" is used metaphorically, but what if it was a physical possibility? This documentary explores that, um, burning question by examining six places on Earth that, according to myths and religious beliefs, are entrances to hell. Among the places visited are a volcano in Iceland and a cave in Central America. Also discussed is the concept of hell. — Bill Ecklund

10/9c National Geographic
On Aug. 6, 1945, the world was changed forever after American forces dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. This is the story of the devastating event and the hours and days that followed, as told by American soldiers who were in the air over Hiroshima when the bomb dropped, and from Japanese survivors who witnessed the death and destruction firsthand on the ground. The hour includes a look what is said to be the only footage ever taken of the actual explosion, and archived photos of the Dante-esque world it left behind. — Karen Andzejewicz

Big Lake

10/9c Comedy Central
Like a lot of twentysomethings nowadays, Josh Franklin (Chris Gethard) moves back in with his folks out of financial necessity. Unlike his peers, however, this former Wall Street whiz kid does so because he squandered his father's pension. And it's all uphill from here, as this new sitcom, from producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, follows Josh's harebrained schemes to repay his dad with help from a childhood friend (Horatio Sanz) and a burned-out teacher (Chris Parnell). Another new episode follows. — Joe Friedrich

Rachel Zoe Project
10/9c Bravo
The ritual of Rachel has been overwhelming and hectic, inspiring a trip to New York City in hopes of spending quality downtime with Rodger. While there, she also attends fashion meetings, including one with stylin' pop star Gwen Stefani, no doubt. But Rachel's plans turn topsy-turvy when fashionista Naomi Campbell comes calling, enlisting Rachel to fashion a big-time runway show for charity. Style trials abound when a blizzard and a lack of prep time add stress to the task. — Dean Maurer