Wife Swap Wife Swap

Wife Swap
8/7c ABC
The sixth-season finale features a flamboyant metropolitan couple who dress as superheroes everywhere they go and are on a mission to rid the world of boring relationships. The wife's daughter is embarrassed by their antics. The other family is as serious as a heart attack: They moved to the country to protect their kids from the bad influences of the city so the kids could concentrate on chores and disciple. When these women walk a mile in each other's moccasins, it'll be a strange stroll indeed. — Fred Mitchell

Whale Wars
9/8c Animal Planet
The Sea Shepherds, protectors of the Antarctic's whales, and their nemesis, the Japanese whalers accused of illegal fishing, continue to battle it out on the open sea. Clearly the underdogs, the Shepherds are outnumbered and find themselves on a mission that is, literally, taking on water. After a recent collision with the Japanese, the Shepherds make the prudent decision to rappel overboard and check out the damage to their ship, which unfortunately is sporting a huge gash in its hull. — Rhoda Charles

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
9/8c TLC
This fun and sassy spin-off follows Southern belles as they search for dream wedding dresses at a posh bridal salon in Atlanta. In the first of two new episodes, Bridals by Lori fashion director Monte Durham saves the day when a not-so-modest bride's desire to flaunt her backside lands her in hot water. And in the second episode, a country girl comes to the salon...but she'd rather be hunting. — Karen Andzejewicz

Good Morning America

7 a.m./6c ABC
Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas might not be an item romantically anymore, but she's touring with Joe and his brothers this summer, and they'll all be back in camp in September, when Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam premieres on the Disney Channel. More immediately, the soundtrack CD for the movie will be released on Tuesday (Aug. 10), so expect to hear songs from it when Lovato and the boys rock New York's Central Park this morning. This is their second go-round, by the way: They kicked off the GMA 2010 Summer Concert series in May. — Paul Droesch

Den Brother
8/7c Disney
Hutch Dano stars in this appealing 2010 family comedy as a self-absorbed high-school hockey player who is abruptly suspended from the team for showing off. His extra free time now allows him to become his little sister's Bumble Bee troop leader, albeit reluctantly. At first, all of the buzz is about himself as he tricks the girls into doing his chores but, eventually, he gets stung by his own cockiness and realizes how much the troop is counting on him. — Tim Holland

Women's Tennis
7/6c ESPN2
In the middle of a Cincinnati sports scene dominated by the Bengals of T.O. and Ochocinco and the surprising Reds, two weeks of U.S. Open tennis warm-up events hope to make a racket as the women's and men's tours swing into town. The women's quarterfinals tonight are sure to showcase the international state of the game, as seven different countries occupied the top eight seeds at the start of the week. Serena and Venus Williams are not in the field, but rank No. 1 and No. 4 in the world on the week that, on the men's side, saw no American in the Top 10 for the first time since rankings began in 1973. — Roger Leister


8/7c CW
Oliver has an identity crisis in this April repeat when Tess captures the Green Arrow for Amanda Waller (Pam Grier), but he manages to preserve his secret by escaping. Waller, who doesn't give up easily, continues her pursuit of the "Watchtower," and she's not above threatening Chloe's life to get the answers to some pressing questions (such as the names and last known addresses of the Justice League members). Meanwhile, John Jones (Phil Morris) is caught poking his nose into the Green Arrow kidnapping. — Rhoda Charles