White Collar White Collar

White Collar
9/8c USA
Guest star Hilarie Burton begins her multi-episode arc as an insurance investigator who challenges Neal on both a professional and personal level. In her first outing, she becomes the target of a murder plot, and Neal lands the job to kill her. But when another assassin shows up for the job, Neal has a real challenge on his hands. — Brie Hearn

Pretty Little Liars

8/7c ABC Family
The girls believe they're getting closer to figuring out who "A" is in mid-season finale of this new mystery-plagued drama. That's because a text message suggests "A" will be present at a classmate's birthday celebration. So the girls attend the party, which has a theme of upscale camping, complete with manicures and pedicures. However, things then take a dangerous turn. Meanwhile, the FBI return to Rosewood, armed with new evidence concerning Alison's murder investigation. — Jennifer Sankowski

Hell's Kitchen
8/7c Fox
Finalists Holli Ugalde and Jay Santos might or might not be an item, but don't expect romance to be uppermost in their minds as they battle each other for a top job at Gordo's soon-to-reopen Savoy Grill in London. Last week, Jay displayed his prowess at "the pass" while Holli won the replicate-this-dish cooking challenge. (Jay couldn't distinguish venison from beef.) But neither had to count on a kitchen full of Hell's Kitchen rejects to get them through dinner service. They both must do so tonight. — Paul Droesch

Flipping Out
9/8c Bravo
Reality blends with realty when the unscripted series opens its fourth season. The professional and personal (mis)adventures of house flipper and home designer Jeff Lewis progress, with Jeff continuing to deal with demanding clients, not to mention his motley staff of Jenni, Zoila, Sarah, Jett and Trace. Although the dramas surrounding erstwhile business partner Ryan are apparently behind him, there's still not exactly a "home-sweet-home" atmosphere. Jeff finds that he needs to flip his business the right way — and that might mean having to downsize the staff. — Dean Maurer

Memphis Beat
10/9c TNT
Elvis-adoring detective Dwight Hendricks will need to riff wisely when he negotiates a delicate hostage crisis. After he becomes a hostage himself, he puts his suspicious mind to work. To resolve the situation, Dwight must delve into his captor's past and crack the mysteries of a decades-old murder. Elsewhere, there are personal struggles for Lt. Rice when her ex-husband stirs up trouble. Guest stars include Clarence Williams III, of the 1968-73 cop show The Mod Squad, and Veronica Cartwright. — Dean Maurer

Rescue Me
10/9c FX
That baptism of firewater Tommy performed on Colleen last week certainly was something to see. ("You're like AA's Evel Knievel," Teddy marvels.) Its consequences, some intended some not intended, play out tonight, as the guys do some freelance firefighting and Tommy's relationship with Janet enters a new phase, or at least a different phase. Meanwhile, Franco and Black Shawn have a rapprochement; and Father Phil (Peter Gallagher) expounds on "collar groupies." — Paul Droesch

World Series of Poker
8/7c ESPN
Shuffle up and deal! The endurance test that is the WSOP Main Event gets underway in Las Vegas, with the first wave of an eclectic 7319-player field putting $10,000 in chips on the line. Poker's popularity has hardly waned among the celebrity set, so the star watch is on for the first few episodes of the Tuesday-night series, which won't conclude until the November Nine are seated at the final table on, well, Nov. 9. Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Erick Lindgren and iconic 2003 champ Chris Moneymaker highlight tonight's household names, while ESPN's advanced graphics identify each player's position in the hand to make it easy to follow the action. — Roger Leister