Pit Boss Pit Boss

Pit Boss
10/9c Animal Planet
Rescuing pit bulls is not a job for the lighthearted and can take one's full attention. So when Sebastian gets a visit from his long-distance girlfriend, he finds himself distracted — especially since her presence makes him think about his current living situation, as well as his future plans. Meanwhile, Shorty and Ashley work hard to make sure a pit bull gets the medical attention it needs. — Rhoda Charles

Being Human
9/8c BBC America
Random killings are on the rise in Bristol, and it seems that vampires are to blame, prompting a reluctant Mitchell to round up his fellow fanged ones in an attempt to establish some order in the now leaderless society. Meanwhile, poor Annie is back to being invisible — and bored, so she recruits a lovesick George to help her play Cupid and reunite her boss Hugh with the love of his life. — Karen Andzejewicz

2/1c ESPN
A rare weekend of right-hand turns and elevation changes begins for the NASCAR contingent as they go road racing in the countryside of Watkins Glen, N.Y. The Nationwide Series Zippo 200 starts things off, with Aussie Marcos Ambrose bidding for a three-peat after holding off the ubiquitous Kyle Busch the last two years. Eleven turns trimmed with kitty litter-filled spin-out zones await the drivers on every one of 82 laps that make for a nice viewing diversion from the merry-go-round monotony of oval racing. — Roger Leister

Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction
7/6c ESPN
They may only be known to some for their excellence in the cha-cha and tango on Dancing with the Stars, but Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith also weren't bad in their previous gigs as pro-football players. As the NFL's top two all-time touchdown scorers, Rice and Smith waltzed to induction in Canton, Ohio, where they join five other honorees in tonight's enshrinement. Rounding out the class are Saints LB Rickey Jackson and Redskins guard Russ Grimm, college teammates at Pittsburgh both drafted in 1981; Broncos RB Floyd Little; undersized Vikings tackle John Randle; and Lions CB Dick LeBeau, who's been to five Super Bowls as a Bengals and Steelers defensive coach. — Roger Leister

America's Most Wanted
9/8c Fox
Mario Pena of Lathrop, Calif., claimed that his live-in girlfriend's 11-month-old son, Jacob Leon, died on Feb. 9, 2008 after injuring himself in the bathtub, but a San Joaquin County jury decided that it was Pena who caused the injuries. Unfortunately, by time the jury arrived at that verdict, Pena, 22 at the time, was already a fugitive. He still is, and tonight he's an America's Most Wanted poster boy. — Paul Droesch

Croc Attack
9/8c Discovery
If the Shark Week documentaries that aired this week weren't enough to make you consider limiting your swimming to a swimming pool, here are some crocodiles! Join Dr. Adam Britton as he investigates the rising number of crocodile attacks in Australia that followed a girl's tragic encounter with a predator in Darwin. — Michael Chant

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
8/7c HBO
History repeats itself in this engaging 2009 sequel to the 2006 hit about museum artifacts that magically come to life. This time, however, former night watchman-turned-inventor Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) returns to the Museum of Natural History to find that many of his old friends are being moved to the Smithsonian Institution. But it's a relocation fraught with danger as an evil pharaoh (Hank Azaria) is using it to hatch a plot for world domination. The PG-rated film also stars Owen Wilson and Amy Adams.— Joe Friedrich