Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights
8/7c NBC
Season 4 wraps up tonight as the tension between East and West Dillon comes to a head with the big Thanksgiving football game, a matchup which leads Eric to pull out all the stops in search of a victory. Off the field, the Taylors host Thanksgiving dinner while Tami's career hangs in the balance, and Julie receives an unexpected visitor. — Brie Hearn

Good Morning America

7 a.m./6c ABC
John Legend and the Roots are the featured performers in the GMA summer concert series, and as luck would have it, their upcoming CD (due in September) has the chronologically appropriate title of Wake Up! It's jazzy and funky, and it's also politically charged ("wake up" as in "take action"), made up mostly of covers of '60s and '70s hits. In another segment, Jill Biden, the Vice President's wife, discusses her campaign on behalf of military families and promotes her appearance on the Aug. 15 episode of Army Wives. — Paul Droesch

9/8c Syfy
On Tuesday, Fargo took a trip out to Warehouse 13 to pitch in with some computer expertise and tonight, Warehouse 13's Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti) returns the favor by helping Sheriff Carter deal with a new threat to Eureka that arises when strange objects materialize in town. But a stroll through a minefield with Fargo might turn Claudia's visit into something brief and messy. — Michael Chant

My Child Is a Monkey
9/8c National Geographic
To most people, it's obvious that monkeys should live in the wild, but don't tell that to the 15,000 Americans who own primates as pets. Some monkey owners even go as far as treating the animals as their own surrogate children or "monkids." They may seem like cute and cuddly "forever babies," but experts have some serious concerns about the animals' welfare and the risks pet monkeys pose to humans. This documentary goes inside the growing phenomenon. — Karen Andzejewicz

Modern Marvels Essentials
9/8c History
The popular series Modern Marvels is essential to the network, and it has become clear that there are subjects that are essential to the series — those things we just can't live without. This spin-off series, which began last week, examines history's most essential technology, and it begins with distilleries. — Bill Ecklund

The Pillars of the Earth
10/9c Starz
Things intensify along fronts noble, secular and religious; and treachery runs rampant. The devious and diabolical man of God Waleran makes life for Prior Philip a living hell as he works behind the scenes to interfere with the Prior's attempts to establish a market enterprise and throws a monkey wrench into the construction of the cathedral at Kingsbridge. When the tide of battle turns, Waleran also makes a play for aligning himself, along with Regan and William, with the winning side. — Ray Stackhouse

Women's Tennis
11/10c ESPN2
The ladies' tour is on the second of five hardcourt warmup events for the U.S. Open, stopping in the San Diego area for the first time since 2007. The lovely La Costa resort (a former stop on the PGA Tour as well) is the backdrop for quarterfinal action tonight, with top attractions in the Williams-sister-free field including top-seed Jelena Jankovic; 2010 Grand Slam runners-up Samantha Stosur and Vera Zvonareva; and former top-ranked players Dinara Safina and Ana Ivanovic. Californian Lindsay Davenport continues her latest comeback in doubles action. — Roger Leister