Bad Girls Club Bad Girls Club

Bad Girls Club
9/8c Oxygen
It's Miami spice and not much nice when the feisty, unscripted series kicks off its fifth season with seven new self-anointed bad girls arriving in Miami. We'll meet Morgan, Catya, Danielle, Lea, Kristen, Brandi and Erica, who slip into the Sunshine State and try to live together under one luxury roof. In the opener, one especially difficult housemate monumentally irritates the others. They want her packing and gone, but she won't go down without a (cat)fight. — Dean Maurer

Warehouse 13

9/8c Syfy
In the first of SyFy's two crossovers — the favor is returned on Friday's episode of Eureka — between their popular "dramedy" series, Douglas Fargo ventures out of Eureka for a business trip to  Warehouse 13, where he'll attempt to give the facility's computer system a much-needed upgrade. Eureka fans will not be terribly shocked when things go wrong for Fargo, but the appearance of guest star Rene Auberjonois (Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) should be a pleasant surprise. — Michael Chant

Shaq Vs.
9:01/8:01c ABC
The affable NBA big man returns for another season of testing his off-court prowess. It should be fun to see the 7-1, 325-pound center stuff himself into a stock car to take on NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt in a head-to-head race at Concord Speedway, but it could be more entertaining when he goes up against Kavya Shivashankar, the winner of the 2009 National Spelling Bee. Can you spell "overmatched"? — Dave Roeder

Rachel Zoe Project
10/9c Bravo
From the style-trials file comes the Season 3 opener of fashionista Rachel Zoe's real-world docudrama. The Zoe show picks up in the midst of a crucial change: Styling associate Taylor Jacobson has been fired, and the aftermath of that sweeping maneuver leaves the crew reeling, but they'll need to stand tall to successfully execute a cover shoot with actress Demi Moore. Taylor's ouster results in shape-shifting dynamics within Team Zoe, as both Rodger and a pressured Brad must adapt to new posts and responsibilities. — Dean Maurer

18 to Life
9/8c CW
 "They grow up so fast" seems to be the most fitting phrase for this sitcom following two 18-year-olds who decide to get married after a game of truth-or-dare escalates into a bout of one-up-manship. Tom (Strange Days at Blake Holsey High alumnus Michael Seater) pops the question to Jessie (Degrassi: The Next Generation graduate Stacey Farber) much to the chagrin of Tom's parents in the series premiere. — Michael Chant

Covert Affairs

10/9c USA
Annie's latest assignment, which is supposed to be simple, sends her off to Zurich to meet up with a contact. Of course, the simple task goes terribly wrong when a leak compromises the mission, leaving Annie stranded with a Mossad agent who keeps her on her toes. Auggie does everything he can to bring her back, but he may have an even bigger problem on his hands when his name appears at the top of Joan and Arthur's list of leak suspects. — Brie Hearn

8/7c CBS
In this repeat from October, the death of a marine on foreign soil has the team in the middle of an investigation that also forces Ziva to confront her past. The tenuous connection between who Ziva was and who Ziva is now — and where her loyalties lie — has been simmering below the surface since the season started. It not only affects cases, but her relationships with both Gibbs (a relative father figure) and Tony (a potential romantic partner). — Bill Ecklund