True Blood True Blood

True Blood
9 pm/ET HBO
So Bill tattled to Russell about Eric's dealing of "V"; Eric lied about Bill doing the same to save his (and Pam's) hide from the Magister; and Russell slipped into German while feeding his own blood to a bar full of crazed werewolves with vague Nazi overtones. Ten days ago, True Blood earned an Outstanding Drama Series Emmy nomination for its second season, and halfway through its third, with this year's wildly intriguing story lines starting to come together, it's probably well on the way to another. — Joe Friedrich

Drop Dead Diva
9 pm/ET Lifetime
As if inhabiting another person's body isn't enough to make a girl feel that she doesn't quite fit in, witnessing a former fiancé (and current coworker) fall for another woman will certainly do the job. Jane finds herself in just this position as Grayson sparks with Vanessa (Jaime Ray Newman), a client who is one half of a famous pop duo in need of legal assistance. The jury is out on whether or not Jane can focus on the job long enough to ignore the fact that her man is moving on, though she is sure to give it one heck of a try. — Rhoda Charles

Revenge of the Bridesmaids
8 pm/ET ABC Family
Raven-Symoné and JoAnna Garcia portray two bridesmaids with an extra busy to-do list. That's because in addition to calming down the bride and fixing her train, they need to sabotage her entire wedding. The motivation for their evil plan? Revenge. The bride is a former friend of theirs who stole their pal's boyfriend, and now they want to make her suffer for that sin. So they go "undercover" and pose as her loving bridesmaids. Surely nothing will go wrong with such a foolproof plan. — Jennifer Sankowski

The Real L Word
10 pm/ET Showtime
Some of the lovely and loquacious lesbians have an L of a time in this outing. At a family social affair, Natalie and Rose aren't the least bit social with each other as they engage in a bit of a tiff; finicky Jill has some wedding-gown blues and can't settle on a dress for the big day; and Mikey has to cover the cost of an expensive tent she's going to need for her fashion-week display. Meanwhile, Tracy's mommy dearest still has qualms about her daughter's sexuality and her choice of partner. — Ray Stackhouse

Around the World in 90 Minutes
9 pm/ET Planet Green
How times have changed. In Jules Verne's 19th-century fictional travelogue, protagonist Phileas Fogg hopped on several trains and steamships to win a bet that he could circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. In this special, Planet Green outpaces Fogg and treats us to an unprecedented look at Earth via images captured by the International Space Station. — Michael Chant

MLB Baseball
8 pm/ET ESPN
Phillies fans spoiled by three straight playoff seasons may be phrustrated over a phrenetic phirst half of the season, but the outlook is far uglier in Chicago, where the Cubs have yet to rise above .500 in 2010 as Wrigley Field's confines grow less and less friendly. In fact, a pair of Philly castoffs were among the few first-half heroes for Lou Piniella's Cubs in all-star centerfielder Marlon Byrd and pitcher Carlos Silva. The teams cap a four-game series under the lights tonight before Charlie Manuel's squad continues its tour of the steamy Midwest with four games in St. Louis. — Roger Leister

Family Guy (repeat)
9:30 pm/ET Fox
 Vladimir Putin appears in this October repeat of Family Guy, but the stars of the show are spies who look a lot like Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase. In fact, they are, providing their own voices in their Spies Like Us personae. This time, they're in Russia (Brian and Stewie have tagged along), and Putin is the least of their problems. Dan and Chevy are on the trail of a Soviet-era sleeper agent from Quahog who was inadvertently activated and will unleash a nuclear holocaust unless the pair can stop him. — Paul Droesch