Entourage Entourage

10:30/9:30c HBO
Remember when Vince bribed a driving instructor to get his license in Season 6? Well, in tonight's Season 7 premiere, he's probably wishing he could buy his way out of his latest adventure behind the wheel. In any event, that's how Eric and Ari feel after Vince agrees to do his own stunt on an action film for Type A-director Nick Cassavetes. But at least Vince is working again, which is more than can be said for Drama, who hears the clock ticking on his career after his Five Towns meltdown. — Joe Friedrich

World Cup Soccer
2/1c ABC
It's Central America vs. South America as Mexico and Argentina meet in round-of-16 action in Johannesburg. Argentina proved much the best in sweeping through Group B under legendary player-turned-manager Diego Maradona, who had been a top target of skeptics before puzzling officiating, French infighting and the sound of vuvuzelas took over the tournament headlines. Argentina is in the knockout round for the ninth time in the last 10 Cups and "El Tri" are in their fifth straight, but have not reached the quarterfinals since 1986. The incomparable Lionel Messi (turned 23 on Thursday) and Mexico's 37-year-old Cuauhtemoc Blanco are forwards to watch. — Roger Leister

BET Awards '10
8/7c BET
The BET Awards hits its 10th anniversary as Queen Latifah takes the reins as host of the gala. Prince is on hand to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award, while Kanye West is scheduled to make his first major awards-show appearance since his outburst at the 2009 VMAs. And though Justin Bieber's nomination for Best New Artist garnered quite a bit of attention, it's Jay-Z who's leading the pack of nominees with five nods. T.I., Drake, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Usher and Ludacris are among the many performers slated to take the stage. — Brie Hearn

True Blood
9/8c HBO
There's one thing you can say about Lorena: She's persistent. Despite almost 150 years of being spurned by Bill in one way or another, his U.S. Civil War-era maker still can't quite quit him. And one would think she might take a hint, in a "no means no" kind of way, after Bill set her on fire last week, but as we'll see tonight, the romantic spark isn't so easily doused. Fortunately, Sookie's on the case, with a werewolf bodyguard in tow, so it looks like another showdown with Lorena may be in her future. — Joe Friedrich

Daytime Emmy Awards
9/8c CBS
The Daytime Emmy Awards are handed out in Las Vegas for the first time, and executive producer David McKenzie hopes to "tap into the energy and excitement of Vegas" to deliver "an entertainment-driven awards presentation that viewers will embrace." Among the planned highlights is a tribute to "American Bandstand" and Dick Clark that features Ann-Margret, Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker, Garth Brooks, Cher, Barry Manilow, and Donny and Marie Osmond. In addition, the Vegas company of The Lion King performs, as well as Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil. Host Regis Philbin will attempt to keep everything on track. — Tim Holland

Nick News with Linda Ellerbee
9/8c Nickelodeon
Kids today — they love technology! In fact, some of them love it so much that some of them consider it part of their identity. So how would they handle one week without it? Three brave middle-school students stepped up to the challenge after getting nominated by their friends for being overly tech obsessed. They stopped texting, tweeting, playing video games and doing anything else that involved an electronic gadget, and they came through with varying degrees of success. — Jennifer Sankowski

Team Coco Presents Conan's Writers Live
10/9c TBS
TBS is loco for Coco. Comedian, late-night talker and, yes, rockabilly musician Conan "Coco" O'Brien has found a home — his new late-night talk show is slated to begin on TBS in November. A madcap warm-up to that comes in the form of this comedy special hosted by Conan pal, sidekick and announcer Andy Richter, featuring the comedy flair of several of Conan's skilled writers and a musical performance by offbeat comic Reggie Watts. Recorded at the 2010 Just for Laughs festival in Chicago. — Dean Maurer