Hell's Kitchen Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen
8/7c Fox
Autumn might not be able to salt water and Jason can't cook chicken, but, again, it's the risotto that will get you every time. So farewell, Mikey with the spiky hair. Ta-ta, too, to thin-skinned Andrew, who jumped before Gordo could push him. But then, as things ended last week, Gordo seemed to want to push all of them out the door (or maybe a helicopter). In this episode, dessert-challenged ladies' man Salvatore had better watch his step. It's the first of a string of two-hour episodes, and the USC Marching Band and Song Girls are waiting to be fed. Hope they're not too hungry. — Paul Droesch

World Cup Soccer
2/1c ESPN
Perhaps no group-play matchup offers more contrast than today's third contest, Brazil vs. North Korea in Johannesburg. The free-flowing, easygoing Brazilians are five-time Cup champions and display joy with every touch of the ball, while North Korea is shrouded in mystery in its first appearance in 44 years. Led by South Korean-born forward Tae-Se Jong, the North Koreans have a tough act to follow from their '66 debut, which included a stunning win over Italy and an early 3-0 lead in a quarterfinal over Portugal (a foe this year in Group G), which eventually prevailed 5-3. — Roger Leister

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List
9/8c Bravo
Mean, keen D-list queen and star-skewering machine Kathy Griffin roars to life when her celeb-reality series opens its sixth season. Kathy gets some A-list news: She's scored a guest-star role on none other than Law & Order: SVU. (No matter that her lovable, wine-imbibing mother calls the show Law & Order: SUV.) Although dreams of a guest-star Emmy dance through her head, she's quite overwhelmed and nervous about the role, so she calls on entertainment titan Liza Minnelli for advice. — Dean Maurer

MLB Baseball
7/6c MLB Network
The advent of interleague play 13 years ago allows for World Series rematches like this Phillies-Yankees series much sooner than in years past. Both rosters have their share of changes since New York's clinching 7-3 win last Nov. 4, including the departure of Series MVP Hideki Matsui and a slew of injuries and alterations on the Philly pitching staff. Of the six Phils pitchers in that Game 6, only Chad Durbin is in uniform tonight for manager Charlie Manuel. MLB Network gets the opener, with ESPN moving in Wednesday night. — Roger Leister

Double Exposure
10/9c Bravo
The focus sharpens on photography partners Markus Klinko and Indrani in this new unscripted series, which chronicles the male-female duo working on celebrity shoots and high-fashion pictorials. Yet these two photographers don't always click: They share a past romance that adds friction to their present business relationship (and ups the drama in this show). In the first episode, it won't be picture-perfect when a shoot with rapper-actress Eve results in fiery outbursts, and a fear of heights impacts another job. — Dean Maurer

The New Recruits
10/9c PBS
Despite decades of charitable efforts, endemic poverty continues around the world. Could there be another, better way to solve the problem? This documentary charts the work of three Acumen Fund Fellows Program students seeking to foment real change by putting capitalist principles into practice — rather than provide goods and services for free, they charge a fee. Among the jobs they tackle: selling drip irrigation in Pakistan, LED lights in India and a toilet service in Kenya. Rainn Wilson narrates. — Jeff Gemmill

The Good Wife
10/9c CBS
Everything is not as it seems in this excellent repeat from October. Alicia represents a man in a class-action lawsuit against a major pharmaceutical company. Her client was paralyzed after taking one of the company's drugs. During the trial, Alicia discovers evidence that a juror may have been bribed with $35,000. But which one? And if a juror is on the take, should she settle out of court for a lesser amount or wait for the jury's verdict? — Tim Holland