Stargate Universe Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe
9/8c Syfy
Ah, irony. Most of the people trapped on Destiny would like to wash their hands of the cursed vessel while the Lucian Alliance is bent on boarding and seizing the uncontrollable runaway spaceship. To make matters worse, a nearby binary pulsar is causing power fluctuations that will eventually cause the death of everyone on board in the first-season finale. — Michael Chant

World Cup Soccer
9:30/8:30c ESPN
Let the games — and the noise — begin! Host South Africa and Mexico kick off a monthlong international love affair with the world's game, with an audible buzz accompanying (presumably) every broadcast in the form of the vuvuzela, a long plastic horn serving as the noisemaker of choice for South African spectators. You've probably heard one such instrument break the silence in the late innings of a baseball game, but a stadiumful is the equivalent of a swarm of bees. The sound shouldn't take away from the action or the grand occasion of a World Cup, but it could force even dedicated viewers to mute ESPN's improved lineup of international commentators. — Roger Leister

Friday Night Lights
8/7c NBC
After returning to Dillon to show support for Matt last week, it's time for Lyla to turn her attention to Riggins, who's been struggling to find his niche after high school. The reunion gives them both a chance to re-evaluate their relationship. Julie and Matt, meanwhile, do some evaluating of their own when they sneak off to a concert in Austin and end up making a decision about their future. — Brie Hearn

World Cup Kickoff Celebration Concert
8/7c ABC
Alicia Keys, the Black Eyed Peas, John Legend and Shakira are literally singing to the world as the quadrennial Super Bowl of soccer packs four NFL halftime shows into one mega-concert in Johannesburg. Also commemorating the first-ever World Cup on the continent are a collection of popular African artists, including Angélique Kidjo, K'Naan, Lira, and jazz musician Hugh Masekela, father of ESPN and E! host Sal Masekela. — Roger Leister

Glenn Martin, DDS
10:30/9:30c Nickelodeon
This animated comedy returns for a second season with a trio of guest voices: Bret Michaels, Howie Mandel and Don Johnson. As the episode begins, Jackie feels the sparks are missing from her marriage, so Glenn aims to remedy this by taking her on a spa weekend. However, this romantic getaway isn't what it appears to be — it's really a cover for a hidden-camera reality show that tries to break up couples. Meanwhile, Grandpa Whitey bonds with the kids and teaches Conor how to hunt turkey. — Jennifer Sankowski

Real Time with Bill Maher
10/9c HBO
Summer's almost here, but it comes a little early for Real Time, which goes on hiatus until the eighth season returns in a few months. So before Maher takes a well-deserved vacation from prime time, he's bound to cram in discussions of current events that viewers can treat as a summer-thinking list. Appearing on tonight's program are former senator Bill Frist, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Newsweek's Jon Meacham, Queen Noor of Jordan and filmmaker Oliver Stone. — Joe Friedrich

Whitest Kids U' Know
10/9c IFC
They may not really be the whitest kids you know, but they most certainly can be considered some of the wackiest you'll ever watch. The sketch-comedy series featuring the zany antics of the five-man troupe kicks off its fourth season of madcappery and tomfoolery with a whole new batch of irreverent skits. In this episode, sketches will sample "Grandma's Cookies," observe what left "My Mouth Stuck Open" and take a peek at an "Alien Autopsy." — Ray Stackhouse