Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars
9/8c ABC
Tonight, a Pussycat Doll, an Olympic ice skater or a sports broadcaster will be crowned the Season 10 champion. But before someone gets his or her hands on that sparkling mirror-ball trophy, all three finalists perform their favorite dances. Also, all of this season's eliminated contestants return to perform new numbers (Chad Ochocinco does a new rumba, Kate Gosselin does a high-wire act, and Jake Pavelka waltzes with his fiancée), and a winner emerges from the college dance-team contest. — Jennifer Sankowski

American Idol
8/7c Fox
Last week, there was no joy in Mudville, nor in Cool, Texas — mighty Casey did strike out. Golden-locked singer and nimble-fingered guitarist Casey James took a passionate swing, but Idol voters ended up throwing him a nasty curve. Casey, once referred to as eye candy and ear candy by judge Kara DioGuardi, has now been cut from the singing roster. That leaves our final two — Lee DeWyze and Crystal Bowersox. As Season 9 draws to a close, this gifted duo battles it out in song in Part 1 of the two-part finale. The season concludes tomorrow night with the naming of the winner. — Dean Maurer

Biggest Loser: Couples
8/7c NBC
Now that Ashley and Mike have secured their spots in the finale, Daris and Koli must leave their fates up to the viewing public as one of them is chosen to compete in the third spot. Once the choice is made, the three finalists have one last weigh-in before the Biggest Loser is crowned and awarded $250,000. The eliminated contestants also return to compete for the at-home prize, which awards $100,000 to the player who shed the most weight. — Brie Hearn

The Good Wife
10/9c CBS
Everything comes full circle as the first season concludes. Now that the charges against Peter have been dropped, he is once again running for public office. But will Alicia continue to be "the good wife" and stand beside him on the podium as he announces his candidacy for state's attorney? Or will she choose to pursue a relationship with Will instead? Then, again, she may just choose to ignore them both. — Tim Holland

9/8c Fox
"Theatricality," the title of this episode, could be the title of every episode. But in this one, the glee kids pay tribute to Lady Gaga and KISS, performers who are more theatrical than, say, Bob Dylan. Those of you who saw the recent Madonna homage know the drill: Will tells the kids to "express themselves" and they take it from there. (Kurt and the girls do Gaga's "Bad Romance"; the other boys kiss up to KISS.) Meanwhile, there's a big story-line development: Rachel confronts Shelby (Idina Menzel) about that motherhood thing. — Paul Droesch

NCIS: Los Angeles
9/8c CBS
Fans of the series know that the unexplained G before Callen's name isn't part of his undercover identity or his need to be mysterious. It's also a puzzle for Callen, who knows little about his past. This first-season finale may offer a clue. The team tries to find a woman who knows the location of a fortune to be used to fund a war in the Middle East — and she also knows secrets about Callen's past. — Bill Ecklund

10/9c NBC
Season 1 wraps up tonight as the rift between Haddie and Amber continues to take its toll on the family. Worried, Sarah finds herself once again seeking out Amber's teacher Mr. Cyr for advice on her daughter. Elsewhere, Zeek decides to take action in hopes of reconciling with Camille, and Crosby tries to keep his fledgling family intact by considering a move. — Brie Hearn