How I Met Your Mother How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother
8/7c CBS
In the episodes leading up to this fifth-season finale, the stories have reflected the friends' growing realization that their lives will change and they won't always be as they are now. That hits home in the finale as Robin is offered her dream job and Lily and Marshall keep a pact to have a baby when they see Barney's doppelgänger a secret. — Bill Ecklund

8/7c Fox
Eight seasons of counterterrorism duty for Jack Bauer comes to a close tonight. The wrap-up of the series has given the writers a kind of license with Jack — he no longer has to be redeemable so the audience will root for him next season — letting him be utterly ruthless. And he has been. We've seen Jack furious before. We've seen him go rogue before. But we've never seen him literally eviscerate a Russian agent who swallowed a piece of evidence like he did last hour. Fasten your seat belts, Jack fans; this final day could get bumpy. — Fred Mitchell

Law & Order
10/9c NBC
First, L&O fans were rocked by the news that Lt. Anita Van Buren had cancer at the start of the 20th season. Then we learned her alter ego, S. Epatha Merkerson, was leaving the series. But she's not the only one for whom the bell tolls — after tying with Gunsmoke for TV's longest-running scripted prime-time drama, the venerated cops-and-courts show bows with tonight's series finale, which features Olympian Lindsey Vonn in a case that has detectives tracking an explosively angry blogger. — Michael Chant

8/7c NBC
Spy guy Chuck and his Operation Bartowski team take on the lords of the Ring when the witty and well-crafted series closes its third season with a two-hour blast. Shadowy goons from the evil organization the Ring inch closer to crush Chuck and his spy colleagues — prompting Chuck's software-whiz father (Scott Bakula) to spring into action. Elsewhere, Casey launches a clandestine and very personal mission to protect his daughter from Ring ruffians. In a side note, Chuck's in luck (and so are his fans): The show was recently renewed by NBC and will return for more spy jinks next season. — Dean Maurer

The Bachelorette
9/8c ABC
San Francisco advertising gal Ali Fedotowsky might not have been able to return to "The Bachelor" after leaving it this spring, but here she is dispensing the roses herself as Bachelorette No. 6. It's "by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do," Ali told reporters last week, and putting up with the opening-night antics of guys doing backflips — one literally — to get her attention can't be easy. Seventeen of her 25 suitors will survive their limousine-entrance and cocktail-party baptisms of fire. — Paul Droesch

CSI: Miami
10:01/9:01c CBS
The crime procedural, which shifts to Sundays at 10 pm in the fall, concludes its eighth season with the CSIs being taunted by a serial killer. The sinister suspect leaves cryptic clues, along with dead bodies, for Horatio and his team to figure out. And the longer it takes them to put together the elaborate puzzle pieces, the higher the death toll rises and the more imperiled they all become. — Tim Holland

Dancing with the Stars
8/7c ABC
The three finalists will be hoping to see all 10s in their scores tonight, which would be fitting since it is the 10th week of Season 10. Nicole Scherzinger, Evan Lysacek and Erin Andrews have outlasted the rest of the competition, and now it's time for them to show us their best dance moves yet. First up is the redemption round: Each couple will try to improve on a dance the judges felt they underperformed. Then they get to show off some creativity in the anything-goes freestyle round. — Jennifer Sankowski