Chuck Chuck

8/7c NBC
As Aerosmith once said with a power-ballad blast: "Dream on, dream on, dream until your dream comes true." Chuck's the dream weaver tonight — except his after-dark mind images are becoming alarming nightmares. He also fears they're about to come true, especially the one about a visiting head of state meeting a nasty end. No-nonsense Gen. Beckman refuses to believe Chuck and instead forces him to see CIA psychologist Leo Dreyfus (Christopher Lloyd). — Dean Maurer

Gossip Girl

9/8c CW
Should Chuck and Blair reconcile? Chuck thinks so. In fact, he thinks it's destiny for them to be together, and he makes a grand gesture to try and get Blair to see this, too. As for Lily, is it destiny for her to wind up with Rufus or William? These guys have been fighting over her since the 1990s, and nothing's changed. Except now their kids are involved to complicate things: Serena is standing by her daddy, while troublemaker Jenny tells William something that could ruin her dad's marriage. — Jennifer Sankowski

9/8c Fox
You don't cross Jack Bauer. Dana learned that the hard way as the clock struck high noon and he shot her point blank. Now, Jack has the video file the Russians and the President desperately want. But while Jack may be out for justice to bring down those responsible for disrupting the peace process, he's also out to avenge Renee's death. And nothing, absolutely nothing will stop him from achieving his goal. But that goal is now made more difficult because Logan, working in conjunction with the Russians, has his inside man, Pillar, heading the CTU manhunt to find Jack — and kill him. But they don't know Jack. — Tim Holland

How I Met Your Mother
8/7c CBS
A film director, an author and crossword-puzzle editor walk into a party. No, it's not the beginning of a joke, but the joke might be on Ted when he and the gang crash an upscale party and he tries to show off his brainier side to Arianna Huffington, Peter Bogdanovich and New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz, who are all in attendance. — Bill Ecklund

10/9c VH1
Authors Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle set out to help clueless guys figure out why they can't score a date in this five-part series. Premiering tonight and airing all week, the series identifies the Top 100 things men do that cause women to run screaming in the opposite direction. In the opener, social gaffes such as ordering wine at a stadium, wearing a "mandana" or attaching a cell phone to a belt are discussed. Rakieten and Coyle based the series on their 2010 book of the same name. — Angela Dalecki

Nurse Jackie
10/9c Showtime
This exceptional episode is marked by a touching performance by Harvey Fierstein as a gay man whose partner of 26 years is dying and who must decide when to pull the plug. In other action, Jackie learns a promising lesson from a gunshot victim, and Dr. Cooper plays matchmaker between an old friend and Eddie. To prove that man-about-town Eddie knows how to show a young lady a good time, he takes her to Kevin's bar, where they meet up with Jackie and Dr. O'Hara, who almost fall off their stools. — Ray Stackhouse

MLB Baseball
7/6c ESPN
Story lines abound as the Yankees open a three-game series at Comerica Park in Detroit, where the Tigers are returning for the first time since the passing of their longtime broadcaster, Ernie Harwell. The Hall of Famer is sure to be discussed in depth on ESPN, in addition to the teams' December trade that brought Curtis Granderson (currently injured) to the Bronx Bombers and sent Detroit rookie outfielder Austin Jackson and reliever Phil Coke, who both had superb Aprils. New York is expected to start the struggling Javier Vasquez, who carries an ERA (9.78) that only Usain Bolt can appreciate. — Roger Leister