The Amazing Race The Amazing Race

Amazing Race 16
8/7c CBS
Oh, my gravy! Cowboys Jet and Cord, brothers Dan and Jordan, and models Brent and Caite race through San Francisco on the 16th-season finale. To win the $1 million top prize, the pairs will have to engage Darth Vader in a virtual Star Wars battle and scale the city's 210-foot Coit Tower. And, of course, cross the finish line before the other two deserving duos. — Tim Holland

Desperate Housewives
9/8c ABC
Just two weeks left in the season, so expect ramped-up wacko-ness from resident homicidal maniacs Eddie and Patrick. Lynette will finally put two and two together about Eddie; and following Patrick's convoluted threat against Danny last week, Angie will run for help... to Gaby? Then there's Sam. He sort of snapped last week, and Bree will offer to pay him to go away, but don't expect him to go too gently. Meanwhile, Mike and Susan have it easy — all they have to worry about is money. — Paul Droesch

Jesse Stone: No Remorse
9/8c CBS
Watching Tom Selleck reprise his role for the sixth time as the stoic Jesse Stone, who is now the suspended police chief of Paradise, Mass., is like catching up with an old friend you haven't seen in awhile. Yes, Jesse still drinks, still pines for his ex-wife, and still is in trouble with local officials, who may or may not bring him back as chief.  To occupy his time, Jesse signs on as a consultant to investigate a series of seemingly random murders in Boston. He also works behind the scenes to nab a convenience store robber who killed a cashier in Paradise. — Tim Holland

Army Wives
10/9c Lifetime
Mother's Day at the fort has everyone making special plans, especially Claudia Joy, who is preparing for her annual brunch. But an unexpected visit from Michael's aunt (Ann-Margret) throws those plans for a loop. Meanwhile, Joan, who is still overseas, may be gone, but she is definitely not forgotten as Roland makes sure her first Mother's Day is a special one. Unfortunately, Roxy is front and center as the celebration Trevor plans for her takes an unusual turn. — Rhoda Charles

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
8/7c ABC
Ethan Starkweather suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, an incurable disease that causes low muscle tone, labored breathing and chronic hunger, among other symptoms. But that doesn't stop the 9-year-old Tulsa, Okla., native from helping other kids with life-threatening disorders achieve their dreams through the Make-a-Wish foundation. Now, EM:HE is helping Ethan and his parents by rebuilding their modest home to better meet Ethan's unique needs. Lending a hand are Sheryl Crow and Miranda Lambert. Sarah McLachlan also appears with a special message for the family. — Tim Holland

The Tudors
9/8c Showtime
Woe Henry! The King is royally perturbed and disturbed to discover that his fetching young queen has a less-than-reputable past and that her present-day sexcapades are causing whispers down the corridor of power. He eschews his usual knee-jerk, off-with-her-head course of action, and instead banishes her from court. Meanwhile, the investigation has been rounding up and torturing some not-so-usual suspects. — Ray Stackhouse

MLB Baseball
8/7c ESPN
Barely a month after winning two of three in Boston to open the season, the Yankees are wrapping up another series in the bubbling cauldron of Fenway Park, where they won't return until Oct. 1-3 to end the season. Who knows what each lineup will look like then, considering the teams' health issues to this point, which include DL trips for new centerfielders Curtis Granderson and Mike Cameron. For tonight, A.J. Burnett and Jon Lester are slated to toe the rubber in a rivalry so good, it's seen three alums (Nomar Garciaparra, Aaron Boone, Curt Schilling) join ESPN's roster of baseball analysts in just the last two months. — Roger Leister