Breaking Bad Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
10/9c AMC
Chilling, jarring, charged, explosive. They all fit the description for this episode, which is jam-packed with one unforgettable scene after another. Hank gets his revenge for the bogus phone call about Marie being rushed to the hospital; Jesse is handed the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card that he expects to use to trump the police and the DEA; and the loco brothers from Mexico with their ax to grind with Walt and Hank pull the trigger on their own plan for revenge. — Ray Stackhouse

Cleveland Show

8:30/7:30c Fox
Bet you never thought of Cleveland Jr. as a rapper. Or Cleveland as a stripper. But that's what the two C men do and, truth be told, the youngster gets the better of it. The story line has Cleveland Jr. falling for a girl (voice of Taraji P. Henson) who likes him, too. Just one problem: She's the girlfriend of Stoolbend's top rapper (voice of Kanye West), and a rap showdown ensues. Bebe Neuwirth and Jason Alexander also have voice cameos, as the parents of  Roberta's boyfriend, Federline. — Paul Droesch

The Pacific
9/8c HBO
Much has been made of the memoirs by Eugene Sledge and Robert Leckie, whose works helped shape this outstanding series. But another critical source is Red Blood, Black Sand, by Chuck Tatum, who fought on Iwo Jima with John Basilone after the medal winner, frustrated with his war-bonds tour, was reassigned to Camp Pendleton and eventually returned to combat. This episode covers that February 1945 battle, but also explores Basilone's stateside romance with a fellow sergeant, Lena Riggi. — Joe Friedrich

Cold Case
9/8c CBS
The seventh season (and perhaps the series, which is on the bubble for renewal) concludes with back-to-back episodes that deal with a crime and a personal crisis for Lilly. The crime is the death of a prom queen who was the victim of a 1989 hit-and-run accident that may not have been an accident after all. As for the personal shake-up, Lilly's troubled sister (Nicki Aycox) shows up, but Lilly refuses her dad's request to give her a second chance — until she goes missing. — Tim Holland

11:30/10:30c Cartoon Network
After more than two years off the air, Aaron McGruder's savvy and often-controversial cartoon is back for a third season. The series, known for its scathing satire on politics, pop culture and society in general, is set to wrap up after this season. Viewers can expect more high jinks from the Freeman clan and their neighbors, as well as plenty of celebrity voice cameos and commentary on current events. — Brie Hearn

Family Guy
9/8c Fox
Fox tried to kill it in 2002 but (like sharks, cockroaches and "The Simpsons") "Family Guy" won't die, and there are now 150 episodes in the vault. Speaking of vaults, Brian and Stewie are trapped in one tonight, and they behave in ways that are strange, even for them, and Brian reflects on what it's like to be a dog. (Incidentally, since series creator Seth MacFarlane provides both voices, his is the only voice you'll hear.) Rounding out the hour are musical segments, some of which have never aired before. — Paul Droesch

MLB Baseball
8/7c ESPN
When the Mets and Phillies last graced the Sunday Night Baseball stage last September, Phils rental Pedro Martinez turned back the clock for an eight-inning, 130-pitch masterpiece in a 1-0 win over his former New York mates. It was a signature moment in Philadelphia's third straight NL East crown, capping a 12-6 season series against the hapless Mets. That memory won't keep Mets fans from trekking down the New Jersey Turnpike tonight to make noise for rookie first baseman Ike Davis while mixing it up with the Philly faithful over Ryan Howard's new $125 million contract extension. — Roger Leister