24 24

8/7c Fox
Well, it's official. Jack Bauer will be looking for work after the last ten hours of this brutal day play out — this eighth season will be the last for 24. Not that we have to feel that bad for Jack (or Kiefer). Saving the nation from terrorist onslaught eight times looks pretty good on a résumé. He'll probably land on his feet. In the meantime, though, there's still work to do. In this two-hour episode, the bad guys have a radiological weapon in Manhattan ready to wipe out 40 square blocks, so Jack's got his hands full. — Fred Mitchell

NCAA Basketball Championship
9/8c CBS
Sixty-two teams and 18 days ago, basketball fans across the country were anxiously awaiting this hard-court cornucopia, aglow with the optimism that only an unblemished tourney pool can provide. Well, most of those pre-tourney predictions have gone the way of uniform short shorts, but it's likely most would say this event has been one of the most exciting in memory. Still, there's this big one to come. If you're rooting for the underdog, a No. 5 seed has never won this event, but this is the third time since 2000 one has been in the title game. — Dave Roeder

Christian Siriano: Having a Moment
10/9c Bravo
The fierce fashion world of designer and former Project Runway contestant Christian Siriano comes to the fore in this profile special. A needler who kept us in stitches during Season 4 of "Runway," Siriano is now captured in sundry fashion forays, including prepping for a runway show, overseeing his line, collaborating with his staffers, and interacting with such celebrities as Mena Suvari, Katrina Bowden and Tori Spelling. — Dean Maurer

Nurse Jackie
10/9c Showtime
There are lines of credit, lines getting crossed, lines getting snorted, lines being toed and punch lines aplenty in this splendid outing. Kevin turns down O'Hara's offer to fund the girls' educations; Eddie shows up where he's not wanted; Grace's little friend catches Jackie hoovering some drugs; and Sam feels that Jackie is being overly vigilant with him. And then there are the cringingly dark-humored lines that get mentioned about a patient's "migrating testicles." Yes, it's a real medical condition. — Ray Stackhouse

Runaway Squad
10/9c A&E
While working for the New York Police Department, Joe Mazzilli took an interest in helping runaways. Now retired, the 16-year veteran brings his experience and compassion together as he leads a team in finding runaways and reuniting them with their families. In the opener of this reality series, he and his team search for a Long Island teen. — Bill Ecklund