Dancing With The Stars Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars
8/7c ABC
Eleven celebrities are on hand as Season 10 opens, running the gamut from those who recently made headlines (gold-medal-winning Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek and newly engaged Bachelor Jake Pavelka) to those who bring to mind 1990s nostalgia (Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson and Beverly Hills, 90210 bad girl Shannen Doherty) to former reality star Kate Gosselin. Tonight they dance either the Viennese waltz or the cha-cha, and then return for a second dance next week before the first elimination occurs. — Jennifer Sankowski

Nurse Jackie
10/9c Showtime
There's drama amid the trauma and comedy amid the maladies, and through it all there is Nurse Jackie. She's back for a second season, and she is still quite the pill. The episode gets off to a healthy start as our tarnished angel of mercy deals with several questionable incidents that have occurred at the hospital. Chief among them is the "shrinkage rate of [the] pill-o-matix," which means drugs are missing. There's also the chicken Coop, who carps about Jackie "bullying" him. — Ray Stackhouse

10:02/9:02c ABC
A serial killer is on the loose in New York City, and Beckett and Castle (Nathan Fillion) are so desperate to track him down that when he continues to avoid capture they turn to the Feds for help. What they get in this two-part episode, which concludes next week, is a new partner, agent Jordan Shaw (Dana Delany), whose investigative skills are legendary. What viewers get is another chance to see Fillion and Delany, who played a married couple on Desperate Housewives, work together again. — Rhoda Charles

CSI: Miami
10/9c CBS
Horatio's son, Kyle, is back from a tour of duty overseas, but his return isn't exactly peaceful. One of his best friends quickly becomes the primary suspect in a murder, and Kyle looks to H. for help. The victim turns out to be a Muslim father who was outraged that his daughter was dating Kyle's buddy — and trying to get out of an upcoming arranged marriage. — Tim Holland

How I Met Your Mother
8/7c CBS
Fans of the series know what it's like when Lily wants her way, and what Lily wants, Lily gets, especially on her birthday! The problem seems almost insignificant: Ted brings a date to the birthday celebration dinner. But the dinner includes an annual tradition, the friends' annual group photo, and Lily doesn't want Ted's date in the picture, so she does everything she can to see that she's excluded. Laura Prepon returns as Karen. — Bill Ecklund