Healing Hands Healing Hands

Healing Hands
9/8c Hallmark
In tonight's inspiring made-for-cable tale, Eddie Cibrian plays Buddy Hoyt, a janitor whose brush with mortality leaves him with the amazing power to heal others with just his touch. After spending most of his life under the radar, Buddy embraces his new ability and enjoys the attention he begins receiving. But once he realizes that his gift is taking a serious toll on his own health, he must decide where his priorities truly lie. Lisa Sheridan (Cibrian's former Invasion co-star), Patrick Duffy and Meagan Fay round out the cast. — Brie Hearn

NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament
12/11c ESPN2
After winning a school-record 72 straight games, all by double-digits, Geno Auriemma's Connecticut Huskies are expected to have a cakewalk to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, site of the Final Four. That's where a possible semifinal against Tennessee looms, as Pat Summitt's Lady Vols have rebounded from last year's first-round exit to garner a No. 1 seed and restore order in women's hoops. Pat leads Geno 8-6 in the all-time NCAA-title race, but 62 other teams (including top seeds Stanford and Nebraska) are out to trump that story line, beginning with this weekend's wall-to-wall first-round action. — Roger Leister

Spring Break 2010: Fist Pumpin' Top 20 with Jersey Shore
2/1c MTV
The Jersey Shore cast members know a thing or two about outrageous behavior, so it's fitting that MTV tapped Snooki, Mike "the Situation" and Pauly D to host this countdown of the 20 most outrageous moments in MTV Spring Break history, all while doing what they do best: GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry). — Karen Andzejewicz

Handy Manny
7/6c Disney
NASCAR favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr. lends his voice to this exciting prime-time episode as racing legend Chase Davis, who is in town to announce a race at a local speedway. Elliot (Lance Bass), who has long dreamed of becoming a race driver, buys a beat-up car and convinces Manny and the tools to help him turn it into a racing machine. But not everything goes according to plan come race day when nerves get the best of Elliot, and it looks like he will have to remove his car from the competition. — Tim Holland

Seducing Cindy
9/8c Fox Reality Channel
Fox Reality fans must know by now that, in many cases, the network will vanish around the end of the month (except on some providers' systems, where programming will continue for the time being). But first, Cindy Margolis has business to conduct, and she'll do it tonight when she picks her seducer ("my one in a billion"). Her three finalists: Leighton, a male model; Eric C., a wrestler; and Brian, a "jack of all trades," according to the show's Web site. Their ages are 24, 23 and 46, respectively, while Cindy's 44. We're waiting, rice in hand. — Paul Droesch