Cops Cops

8/7c Fox
While there are many good ways for mothers and sons to bond, stealing a cake together from a bakery is not at the top of that list. Yet tonight a mom-and-son burglary duo are nabbed in San Diego for doing just that. And while busting two suspects is good, busting three is even better: Police in Harris County, Texas, conduct a suspicious-person investigation that leads to a triple arrest for possession. — Jennifer Sankowski

In Short

7:30/6:30c Sundance
This program of estimable short films (all were Oscar nominated) is long on entertainment. Among the highlights is La Maison en Petits Cubes, an Academy Award-winning Best Animated Short (from Japan) about an elderly man who must keep adding levels to his house to keep dry from the rising tide. Equally impressive is the Best Live Action Short Toyland, a Holocaust drama about a German lad who mistakenly believes his Jewish neighbors are being transported to the titular destination. — Ray Stackhouse

Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals
8/7c HBO
The latest HBO sports documentary chronicles the long rivalry of basketball greats Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, from its start in the 1979 NCAA Championship game through a decade of dominating in the NBA. Total hardware won by the pair includes eight NBA titles and three MVP awards apiece. In addition to interviews with former teammates and coaches (including Pat Riley and Kevin McHale), the two get extensive opportunities to talk about each other. — Dave Roeder

9/8c Hallmark
Julie Benz plays a workaholic who has trouble relaxing in Hallmark's latest original movie. On a business trip to California's wine country to seal a big deal, Benz's character, Johnny, suddenly finds herself out of her comfort zone when her schedule opens up. Luckily, a hunky local chef (played by Scott Elrod) is around to keep her occupied with his eccentric family, who own a winery. JoBeth Williams and Elliott Gould round out the cast. — Brie Hearn

America's Most Wanted
9/8c Fox
America's Most Wanted premiered Feb. 7, 1988, so its 22nd anniversary was last month, but tonight marks its 1000th episode(Gunsmoke had only 635), and host John Walsh commemorates the milestone by visiting the White House to interview President Obama, who talks about the administration's anticrime initiatives and funding for law-enforcement agencies. The hour also includes a retrospective that focuses on the show's impact on crime victims and society at large over the years. — Paul Droesch

It's Me or the Dog
8/7c Animal Planet
A husband and wife add a new pet Doberman to their household, which already boasts a rat terrier named Cookie Dough. The anxious German pooch only serves to upset the home and turn Cookie into an equally skittish pet. Now the pair of dogs keep friends and family away with their unpredictable behavior. At a loss as to what to do, the couple turn to their last hope for help: animal trainer Victoria Stilwell. — Rhoda Charles