Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto

Winter Olympics
8/7c NBC
There aren't a lot of events scheduled for coverage this evening, leaving plenty of time for what should be one of the most memorable competitions of these Games — the finals of ice dancing. With spectacular routines and two contending U.S. teams (Meryl Davis and Charle White, and Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto), the ratings should be right up there with Dancing with the Stars. "We've had to keep stepping up the athletic program," says Belbin. "The lifts are so much more acrobatic." Also on the docket is the high-flying aerial final of freestyle skiing, with U.S. contenders Ryan St. Onge, the 2009 World Champion, and Jeret "Speedy" Peterson, known for attempting the sport's most difficult tricks. "I just don't think it's possible to do more than three flips and five twists," says Peterson. And the last medals in ski jumping are up for grabs in the team large hill final, with teen sensation Gregor Schlierenzauer leading the favored Austrians. — Dave Roeder

Secret Life of the American Teenager
8/7c ABC Family
So, what happened between Ben and Adrian in Ben's car last week? Find out tonight as Ben and Adrian must deal with the fallout, which affects more than just the two of them. In the wake of all this, Ben realizes that he truly wants to be with Amy, and Ricky leaves town. Elsewhere, George and Anne continue to reconnect as they seek advice from a therapist about remarriage, while Ashley finds herself falling for Griffin's cousin Grant. — Jennifer Sankowski

9/8c Fox
It's a new day for Jack as the clock strikes midnight but that, of course, doesn't resolve his problems; they only get worse. Unfortunately, Jack and his cohorts at CTU aren't any closer to finding the fuel rods, and aren't in any position to stop Josef from handing them off to Farhad. President Taylor presses on with her international peace initiative, while unrest builds within CTU and scapegoats are targeted as the possibility of the unit's massive failure may be just hours away. — Tim Holland

Men of a Certain Age
10/9c TNT
The likable comedy-drama about three bonding best buds trying to negotiate midlife challenges closes its freshman season. Tonight's finale — which is preceded by two repeat episodes — finds burdened gambling man and golf ace Joe Tranelli hitting the sand trap of life, particularly when his new home creates life-changing money troubles. Meanwhile, struggling thespian Terry's deepening woes stem from an acting gig. And daddy issues continue to plague Owen, whose shaky relationship with his father reaches the breaking point. Series star Ray Romano co-wrote the episode. — Dean Maurer

Tracey Ullman's State of the Union
10:30/9:30c Showtime
Tracey Ullman does a killer impersonation of Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle who, following a mental breakdown on her British tour, arrives in the U.S. and undertakes secret talks to conquer America. Dan Castellaneta, as a befuddled agent to "the old biddy who's never been kissed," is a hoot. Ullman's makeup transforms her into a dead ringer for Boyle, and her bonny burr accents a most convincing package. Other celebrities spoofed include first lady of France Carla Bruni. — Ray Stackhouse