Lindsey Jacobellis Lindsey Jacobellis

Winter Olympics
8/7c NBC
"We're the strongest we've ever been," says Evan Lysacek of the U.S. men's figure-skating team. With former U.S. champ Johnny Weir, U.S. champ Jeremy Abbott and world champ Lysacek, the Americans have high hopes, and tonight's short program starts things. Snowboard cross star Lindsey Jacobellis, meanwhile, hopes for redemption: She returns after having lost the gold medal in 2006, when she crashed after adding a bit too much flair prior to the end of the race. On the mountain, men's Alpine skiing speed and technique mesh in a new-format super combined (a downhill and a single slalom, instead of two). Defending gold medalist Ted Ligety, among the world's most lauded tech skiers, says the U.S. team is "great on the speed side, but we're not pulling our weight on the tech side." In late night is the women's luge final, with America's Erin Hamlin, who ended the Germans' 15-year gold-medal run in the World Championships. "Not having to hear the Germany anthem was so awesome," she says. — Dave Roeder

9/8c ABC
Claire — both of them — sure can pop up at the end of episodes for dramatic effect. First, the pregnant one at LAX, then the zombielike one last week. Jin's doubtlessly thankful, but what's up? And what's up with the two Kates — both with pregnant Claire in L.A. and Sawyer on the island? At the temple, we know that Dogen's focused on Sayid because of Claire, but who is he? Meanwhile, the Locke Monster was missing in action last week, but he/it is back tonight, and Katey Segal (Helen) is in the guest cast. — Paul Droesch

American Idol
8/7c Fox
Group gripes and grapples sprung up last week when the contestants performed in collective clusters. It was an adventure of weary late nights, splintered dynamics and frayed nerves. Literal and figurative harmony allowed some to advance to the next heat, but it wasn't golden for other golden-ticket holders. The drama continues tonight for the dwindling contingent of remaining singers in the Hollywood round, their hope for a slot in the Top 24 still alive. — Dean Maurer

Millionaire Matchmaker
10/9c Bravo
Stanger things are happening: Matchmaker Patti Stanger is not only busy setting up dates and mates for big-bucks clients, but she's briskly engaged in her radio show. Now fatigued, Patti will need to be wide awake and alert when dealing with her newest client. He's a tabloid darling, and he rubs Patti the wrong way with his stubborn air and idiosyncratic persona. Gladly received comfort arrives in the form of her second client, a tall catch who is seemingly perfect on every level. — Dean Maurer

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
8/7c USA
USA goes gleefully to the dogs with full-night coverage of the closing segment of the 134th annual dog show in New York City's Madison Square Garden. The categories on tap for the final day (always a must-see winter pleasure for dog lovers) are Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups, and — the main event — Best in Show. Mario Lopez and David Frei host. — Brie Hearn