Past Life Past Life

Past Life
9:01/8:01c Fox
X-Philes and supernatural fans should enjoy this series, where some psychotic folks apparently aren't insane, just haunted by unresolved events from previous lives. It may sound silly, but thanks to a taut script and the talents of Kelli Giddish and Nicholas Bishop (think Mulder and Scully in reverse), this edgy pilot — about a troubled teen's recollection of an abduction-murder — plays somewhat like a non-conspiracy theory "X-Files" episode. Which is a good thing. — Jeff Gemmill


9/8c ABC
The smoke cleared, sort of, and..."It worked!" Juliet's dead-on there. Sawyer, Kate, Jack, Hurley and the gang are back on the same page, time-wise, as the folks (and the Locke-like smoke monster) on the beach. And Sayid even rose from the dead to celebrate. But aren't they all also alive three years earlier at LAX? Nobody promised that this would be as easy to follow as The Jersey Shore. And tonight? All we know is that Kate is on the run, and Jack must do something that could jeopardize a friend's life. — Paul Droesch

Biggest Loser: Couples
8/7c NBC
In the last episode before the Winter Games take over the airwaves on NBC, the Biggest Loser gang get in the spirit with an Olympic-themed episode. The players head to a training facility in Colorado Springs, where several U.S. athletes train for the Games. While there, the players meet Olympians Julia Mancuso, Jeret Peterson, J.R. Celski, Rockne Brubaker, Allison Jones and Kelly Underkofler, who offer advice and support while also presenting a few challenges. — Brie Hearn

NCIS: Los Angeles
9/8c CBS
With Dom still missing and his fate uncertain, the team can't bear another loss, which makes the threat posed by tonight's episode all the more critical. Kensi is in a bank opening a safety-deposit box when she is shot by three armed robbers who hold everyone hostage. — Bill Ecklund

Venom in Vegas
8/7c Animal Planet
Donald Schultz is an animal expert who hunts down dangerous creatures around the world to extract bio samples in the name of science. Now those creatures are coming to find him. In this special aimed at raising awareness about antivenin shortages around the world, the host of Animal Planet's Wild Recon does his best David Blaine impression and spends 10 days on the Las Vegas strip in a glass pen with a variety of poisonous snakes — which are likely wondering what the heck this guy is doing. — Rhoda Charles