Super Bowl XLIII Super Bowl XLIII

Super Bowl XLIV
6:25/5:25c CBS
If it's possible for a team to get in a comfort zone while playing in the media maelstrom that is the Super Bowl, you have to think that Peyton Manning and the Colts have an edge over Drew Brees and the Saints as they take the field in Miami Gardens, Fla. After all, Manning and Co. beat the Bears just three years ago in Miami in Super Bowl XLI, while New Orleans, of course, is making its first Super Bowl appearance. The Who — whose lineup still boasts founders Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey — are set to rock the halftime show with a medley of radio-friendly anthems. — Dave Roeder

Puppy Bowl VI
3/2c Animal Planet
Six years running and it's hard to tell if the puppies are the big winners or if the kittens have truly stolen the show. This furry alternative to the Super Bowl ups the ante with the inclusion of cotton-tailed cheerleaders. That's right, bunny rabbits have taken to the sidelines to show their support for the roughhousers on the field. As usual, these cuddly cuties are all up for adoption, and by game's end viewers may find themselves fighting for the chance to take one (or more) home. — Rhoda Charles

Undercover Boss
10/9c CBS
Corporate executives may be brilliant in the board room but what about out in the field working alongside their mostly blue-collar employees? Can they hack it? In this promising reality series, company presidents work anonymously in their own businesses to get the inside scoop on their organizations. In the premiere, Waste Management COO Larry O'Donnell works at a recycling plant and two landfills, rides along on a garbage truck and cleans porta-potties, all while his coworkers think he's part of a documentary being filmed about first days on a new job. — Tim Holland

Big Love
9/8c HBO
Say one thing about Bill Henrickson and his quixotic quest for Utah's state senate: He's got his eyes on the prize. Insurance fraud at Home Plus? Let poor Don take the fall. Oldest son and youngest wife have a crush on each other? Kick Ben out of the house, and treat Margene as an outcast. But lobbyist Marilyn Densham (Sissy Spacek) is in Bill's neck of the woods tonight, so she must see something in him — perhaps a ruthless quest for power? — that would make him an ideal politician. — Joe Friedrich

Masterpiece Classic
9/8c PBS
While the conclusion of Jane Austen's Emma won't surprise anyone who's read the novel (or, for that matter, seen any of the many previous adaptations), that doesn't lessen this version's charm. Romola Garai ably pulls off the challenging transition from clueless to clued-in when Emma finally recognizes that she may have lost her true love due to her foolishness. Michael Gambon, too, is terrific as her elderly father, who fears being left alone if, indeed, her dreams are realized. — Jeff Gemmill