Saturday Night Live Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live
11:29/10:29c NBC
Leave it to Weaver: Actress Sigourney Weaver, who has scored Oscar nominations for her work in the films Aliens, Working Girl and Gorillas in the Mist, headlines the show as the host. Weaver is currently queen of the world, appearing in James Cameron's visually stunning box-office titan Avatar. (Cameron also directed Weaver in the 1986 space odyssey Aliens.) Weaver blasts off tonight, helping the SNL players rip into the week's newsworthy events — and perhaps even throw some satirical zingers at Avatar itself. The English pop duo the Ting Tings deliver music performances. — Dean Maurer

NFL Playoff
8/7c CBS
The Ravens have lost seven straight to the Colts, including a 17-15 defeat on Nov. 22 in Baltimore, but Indianapolis may be the team feeling the pressure in this playoff game. After going 14-0, Indy coach Jim Caldwell rested his starters in two season-closing losses; and with a bye last weekend, Caldwell has left himself open to speculation about the team's momentum heading into this matchup. The Colts defense will need to deal with a Ravens team coming off a huge 33-14 upset of New England last Sunday. — Dave Roeder

House of Bones
9/8c Syfy
If the cryptic recordings and anomalous readings recorded on  Ghost Hunters leave you wanting more, and you've daydreamed about a scenario in which they run into something so spooky that there's no doubt the place is haunted, well, it might resemble something like this. Charisma Carpenter and Corin Nemec star in this made-for-cable take on the reality show-paranormal investigator genre. — Michael Chant

Pit Boss
10/9c Animal Planet
The Little Person and the Pit Bull: It sounds like a sitcom, but it's actually a new reality series following the exploits of Shorty Rossi — former actor, talent-company owner and rescuer of pit bulls. Along with his three friends and coworkers, Shorty takes on two challenges at once as he rehabilitates dogs whose reputation precedes them and tries to book work in Hollywood for little people. The series opens with Shorty responding to a call about a stray dog in South Central Los Angeles. — Rhoda Charles

The Troop
9/8c Nickelodeon
It's not that The Stepford Wives have moved into the neighborhood, but the folks in Jake, Hayley and Felix's hometown are starting to act a little too perfect. Upon investigating, the trio learn that a monster is behind this suspicious behavior. Meanwhile, Stockley doesn't have to deal with any of this because he's away on a relaxing retreat — however, he finds that spending time at a peaceful haven has him tensing up instead of calming down. — Jennifer Sankowski