Sanctuary Sanctuary

9/8c Syfy
A cult sounds intuitively scary; a cult that can foretell disasters sounds scarier; and when a murder gets linked to a group called the Cult of Kali, it sounds even scarier. Magnus, Will and Kate set out for Mumbai, India, to investigate the slaying, but Will gets waylaid by a mysterious illness in the two-hour Season 2 finale. — Michael Chant

Law & Order

8/7c NBC
If a nobody was exposed for having a string of workplace affairs, the range of scrutiny would be narrow unless somebody famous was in the mix. When it happens to a celebrity, like, say, David Letterman or Tiger Woods, it generates headlines, Web searches and jokes for late-night comedians. The dirty secrets of a talk-show host (Samantha Bee) are revealed during Lupo and Bernard's investigation of a murdered journalist. — Michael Chant

15th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards
9/8c VH1
Actress-singer Kristin Chenoweth hosts the 15th annual ceremony, presented by the Broadcast Film Critics Association. Kevin Bacon, who won the gala's first Best Actor award in 1995 and is said to be linked to every other thespian by no less than six degrees of separation, receives the Joel Siegel Award. This prize recognizes a star for using celebrity as a platform to do good works for others. Nick Jonas and the Administration are the house band for the event. — Fred Mitchell

What Not to Wear
9/8c TLC
Fashion police Stacy London and Clinton Kelly head to Salem, Mass., to put a witch's bad style on trial. Her all-black wardrobe is overflowing with costumey capes, corsets and pointy hats that are more fitting for a Halloween party than a PTA meeting, so the fashionista hosts set out to give this Wiccan a look that's more appropriate for the 21st century. — Karen Andzejewicz

10/9c CBS
Are Don and Robin getting married? Don thinks they should, and he tells Robin that tonight. Charlie and Amita are definitely getting hitched, but they can't agree on a wedding date. As for the main case, 5000 high-caliber weapons that are capable of shooting through cars are stolen, and some of them are linked to a series of random murders throughout Los Angeles. — Tim Holland