The Bachelor The Bachelor

The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love
8/7c ABC
Romance fans must know the Episode 1 drill by now (this is the 14th season): The new bachelor meets and greets, then slices and dices, paring the field of 25 to 15. You also must know our new bachelor: pilot Jake Pavelka, from last year's Bachelorette. He's the guy who warned Jillian about country singer Wes' two-timing. That didn't stop Jillian from dumping Jake, but, hey, no hard feelings, so here she is tonight (joined by Ed, the man she chose) to give Jake slicing-and-dicing tips. — Paul Droesch

8/7c NBC
The drama returns from its hiatus with a two-hour episode. The Carnival remains the focus for many of the Heroes, as Claire's suspicion of Samuel grows, Noah continues to plot Samuel's destruction, and Sylar decides to return to the Carnival. But Peter's not so single-minded — he's got Nathan's death on his mind and is struggling to cope with the loss. Elsewhere, Hiro is plotting a rescue mission, but he hits a snag when he has trouble communicating with Ando. — Brie Hearn

Secret Life of the American Teenager
8/7c ABC Family
The show returns from its mid-season break and finds Anne and Amy going on a much-needed vacation. But they're not the only ones taking a trip: Ben's Italian girlfriend decides to pay him a visit in the States. Meanwhile, George continues to have doubts about Robie's paternity. And what would Secret Life be without secrets? Jack and Grace each reveal one when they admit to one another that they've kissed other people. — Jennifer Sankowski

Conveyor Belt of Love
10:02/9:02c ABC
Hey, romance fans: Let's play two! This concoction, which follows The Bachelor on ABC (and could become a series if enough of you watch it), weds the dating-game concept to the I Love Lucy episode in which Lucy and Ethel wrap chocolates — very quickly. It consists of five gals checking out 30 guys who pass by them on, yes, a conveyor belt. Each man gets only a minute to tell a joke, shake his tush or bare his soul (or whatever else he chooses to bare). Talk about speed dating! — Paul Droesch

This Emotional Life
9/8c PBS
They can hurt. They can make you smile and turn you warm and fuzzy inside. They can make your cheeks flush, and they can also leave you conflicted. Fortunately, psychologist Daniel Gilbert, the author of Stumbling on Happiness, is on hand to guide us through these things called feelings in this three-part series. Part 1 examines the role of relationships in emotional health through stories about a bullied teenager, a couple in counseling and the parents of newborn twins. — Michael Chant