Survivor: Samoa Survivor: Samoa

Survivor: Samoa
8/7c CBS
In tonight's two-hour season finale, the final five castaways (Brett, Jaison, Mick, Natalie, Russell) battle for the right to sit before the jury and explain why they deserve the top $1 million prize. Brett is the sole Galu member left and, therefore, the biggest threat to the four remaining Foa Foa tribemates since the jury is loaded with ousted Galu players. If Brett, who has won the last two immunity challenges, continues his winning ways and makes it to the final vote, he should be a lock to win. Following the finale, all 20 players reunite to learn who won and to discuss their experiences. — Tim Holland

Christmas in Washington
8/7c TNT
It's nary a silent night when George Lopez hosts the 28th annual holiday songfest from the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. Annually attended by the President and First Lady, the Beltway-based bash is slated to feature an eclectic roster of entertainers, including R&B songstress Mary J. Blige, pop crooner Neil Diamond, country group Sugarland, rock vocalist Rob Thomas, R&B singer Usher and teen vocalist Justin Bieber. — Dean Maurer

Night at the Movies
8/7c TCM
This entry in the TCM series about movie genres turns the spotlight on "The Gigantic World of Epics." And just what makes a motion picture an epic? Well, it's gotta be BIG: big casts, big stars, big special effects, big story lines. One of the big-name directors on the big bill is arguably the biggest showman of all, Cecil B. DeMille, who brought us such blockbuster biggies as The Ten Commandments (not just eight or nine, but 10 commandments) and The Greatest Show on Earth, which was not a sequel to The Greater Show on Earth. — Ray Stackhouse

Sunday Night Football
8:15/7:15c NBC
A top-notch battle between two outstanding tailbacks is the reason to watch tonight's contest between Minnesota and Carolina, as Adrian Peterson leads the Vikings against DeAngelo Williams and the Panthers. But the Vikings have a huge edge in other offensive areas, trailing only the Saints in NFL points scored, while the Panthers have had problems in finding the end zone. — Dave Roeder

With All Due Respect
10/9c Headline News
From President Obama's inauguration to the stuttering, bumbling economy to the World Series, when the Yankees beat the Phillies, what a year it's been. The always outspoken Charles Barkley, baseball analyst Dennis Eckersley and NASCAR analyst Kyle Petty join Robin Meade for a recap of 2009, offering their unfettered takes on the year's top stories. — Jeff Gemmill