Criminal Minds Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
9/8c CBS
Since the return of George Foyet (C. Thomas Howell), the infamous serial killer known as the Reaper, Hotch has known that not only will more people die, but he and his family will be in danger as long as Foyet is alive. Tonight the conflict between the two men comes to a conclusion as the team helps Hotch close in on the notorious psychopath. — Bill Ecklund

Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now?

8/7c NBC
The Biggest Loser crew catches up with contestants from the past seven seasons tonight to see what life is like after the cameras stop rolling. The special highlights how the former players look now and the major milestones they have achieved since graduating from the show. It also illustrates what some are doing to "pay it forward" after their life-changing experiences on the ranch. But it wouldn't be The Biggest Loser without a twist, so Bob and Jillian drop in unexpectedly on a few contestants for a surprise visit. — Brie Hearn

9/8c Fox
Actual competition is getting closer (the Dec. 9 fall finale is titled "Sectionals") and November sweeps are winding down, so expect a sharper focus and guest stars tonight. The focus: The kids see some flashy competition. The guest stars: Eve plays the competition's instructor and 2008 So You Think You Can Dance alums Katee Shean, Kherington Payne and Comfort Fedoke play performers. Meanwhile, Kurt might be joining what would become a romantic "pentagon." That's a lot of love geometry. — Paul Droesch

Cougar Town
9:30/8:30c ABC
Thanksgiving came a little early last week when Travis' sleight of hand about his sexuality made a turkey out of Grayson. Tonight the holiday has finally arrived, and Jules is delighted to have everyone at her house for dinner. But Travis may not be so grateful — in fact, he may even call fowl — when he introduces his new girlfriend, and his mom winds up serving a lesson about the birds and the bees. — Joe Friedrich

The Beatles on Record
10/9c History
Given the breadth of the Beatles' body of work and the depth of their influence on pop culture, there will probably never be a time when interest in the band wanes. In any event, 2009 isn't the year: More than 2.25 million copies of their re-mastered CDs were sold the first week of their September release. So whether you're a baby-boomer fan or a younger one, this documentary is a welcome retrospective, as it chronicles the Beatles' recording process from Please Please Me in 1963 to Abbey Road in 1969. It features rare footage, recordings of studio conversations and narration from all four Beatles, plus producer George Martin. — Bill Ecklund