The Prisoner The Prisoner

The Prisoner
8/7c AMC
Surreal, intriguing and at times captivating, this trippy re-jiggering of the 1960s cult hit is awash in a school of red herring (or are they?) As Six, Jim Caviezel is both a complex and perplexed amnesiac (or is he?) who alights in a mysterious dreamscape known as the Village, where everyone knows your name, but all names are numbers. The No. 1 guy in the Village is actually Two (Ian McKellen), an enigmatic leader with a smile on his face, treachery in his heart and a tendency for two-timing. — Ray Stackhouse

The Simpsons
8/7c Fox
Marge Simpson shows a little yellow on the cover and in the centerfold of Playboy magazine this month, becoming the first cartoon character to gain that kind of exposure. Proving that sometimes animation imitates animation, this episode centers on Marge posing for a "Philanthro-Chicks" calendar. The photo shoot proceeds prudishly until the photographer offers her some wine to chase away her inhibitions. — Fred Mitchell

Curb Your Enthusiasm
9/8c HBO
Does anyone have a more roundabout way of getting what he wants than Larry David? After promising a role in the Seinfeld reunion show to Cheryl from the start, she still had to audition for the part when Jerry balked at his partner's casting coup. And Cheryl only got it last week after her competition had to withdraw her name and endure Larry's allegations of participating in a ménage à trois. So now that the cast is finally going to sit down with a script, nothing else could go wrong, right? — Joe Friedrich

Desperate Housewives
9/8c ABC
Katherine confronts jailbird Susan, who is picking up trash along a road in an orange prison jumpsuit, in this revealing episode. But their brief encounter is nothing compared to their contentious courtroom showdown. In other developments, Gaby goes to confession and confesses she tried to bribe someone to get her daughter into Catholic school. The priest isn't surprised, but he is shocked when he learns he's the one she's trying to bribe. And Gaby receives her own shock when she's kicked by Lynette's unborn baby. Oh, and Orson tells Angie he suspects Bree is having an affair. — Tim Holland

Sunday Night Football
8:15/7:15c NBC
When the NFL schedule is announced for the upcoming season, it's not uncommon for fans outside of New England and Indianapolis to peruse their team's games first and then look for the date of the Patriots-Colts matchup. Pro football's "Big Game" for years, this version, in Indianapolis, has the look of another classic. The Pats have scored the most points in the AFC, and guess who ranks second. The Colts have allowed the fewest points in the conference, and, right get the idea. — Dave Roeder